Nissan's Hypermini Car

Small but stable, perhaps the most striking of Nissan's new concepts is the Hypermini, an electric, two-seat, compact car. Designed for short trips - commuting, shopping, picking-up/dropping-off, etc., the Hypermini is just 2.5 meters in length, but is designed with ample roominess inside. The staggered seat arrangement allows for easy driver access from either side and Nissan estimates that the Hypermini is five times more economical than an ICE car. Lithium-ion batteries (recharged inductively - a portable batter charger is stored onboard) give the Hypermini a range of about 80 miles when driven according to Japan's urban driving cycle. Top speed is limited to about 60 mph. Wheels in all four corners and a low center of gravity, aided by having the battery pack beneath the floor, make it an exceptionally stable car. The tires are purpose-designed and are made from a new compound that reduces energy losses due to bending deformation. The tires also have a "flat run" capability over short distances.