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Friday, April 12, 2002

MegaRail Completes Static Load Test of MicroRail Guideway

MegaRail Transportation of Fort Worth and Clark Precision Machine and Tool of
Azle have successfully completed static load testing of a MicroRail elevated personal
transport system guideway. The 48-foot long test section elevated transport guideway
was subjected to maximum operating load in order to validate the design by test. A
simulated, four-passenger transit car with a full passenger load (2,000-lbs) was placed at
the center of the guideway section for the test. The total guideway deflection under load
was less than 1/2-inch.

The guideway section has been installed on support poles along the street at 404
Commerce Street in Azle. The guideway is currently on view to the public directly
across the street from the Azle post office. MegaRail and Clark will install a full-scale
MicroRail car on this guideway section within the next few weeks.

wpe1.jpg (21078 bytes)

MicroRail Elevated Guideway Section -- Clark Precision Machine & Tool Photo

The elevated sections of MicroRail guideway are ultra lightweight very low-cost
structures made entirely of non-rusting stainless steel. The unique guideway rail tubes
provide complete protection for the car tires, power rails, and traction surfaces from all
weather elements. (The car wheels run inside the enclosed rail tubes and are mounted on
offset axles that extend into the rail tubes through inverted slots in the sides of the rail
tubes.) The MicroRail design allows full operation under any weather conditions. The
highly efficient structural design allows a complete 48-foot section of guideway to weigh
only about the same as the load carried. Use of rubber tires operating inside the enclosed
rail tubes prevents tire noise from being heard by people near the guideways.

The small 66-inch wide by 26"-high guideways are designed for installation along
city street rights of way. Guideway support posts are installed in the edge of curb
locations used for street light poles. Streetlights are located on the guideway support
posts. The guideway may also be used to carry telephone and power wires that are often
placed on utility poles along streets.

MicroRail guideways feature an open-center construction that limits the amount of
sky blocked by the overhead structure. An open-mesh wire walkway is provided in the
open space between the small rail tubes to enable safe and unassisted emergency escape
of passenger from cars in the event of emergency. Previous elevated train, monorail and
people-mover guideways have produced wide and objectionable shadows on the ground.

The MicroRail guideway is designed to carry small four-passenger automated
personal transport cars. The MicroRail cars will pick passengers up at stations and
transport them on a non-stop basis to the station selected by the passenger. Unlike
conventional bus and light rail system, the MicroRail cars will be available on a 24/7
basis and no transfers will be required during trips. The system is being designed to
travel at speeds up to 65-mph.

In addition to the automated personal transport cars, the system is designed to
eventually accept small, three-passenger electric cars. These personally owned cars will
use both the automated guideway and ordinary streets. The car batteries will be
recharged during travel on the guideway.

For some additional guideway/vehicle illustrations, click here.

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