Urbanaut People Mover System - Intermediate Size

Approximate Cost Estimate per Mile (1.6 km) of Single Elevated Guideway- Type 1

Fixed Costs

Type of cost % of total Millions of dollars
A. Elevated Guideway, including foundations 42 $6.30
B. Passenger Loading/Unloading Facilities (2 stations) 10 $1.50
C. Maintenance Yards and Operational Control Facility 7 $1.05
D. Electrical Power, Signals and Moving Block Control 6 $0.90
E. Rolling Stock (3 Single Vehicles or 3-Car Train) 25 $3.75
F. Fees and Contingencies of A - D 10 $1.50
Total cost of intermediate size, per mile (1.6 km) 100 $15.00

    Note: For a list of variable costs not included above, go to this page

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