The LABIS Concept Train

The Labis Concept Train is designed to operate at 200+ mph. It is a wide-bodied, light-weight vehicle that utilizes an elevated guideway for safety and comfort. It would board/debark passengers using a shuttle system. This means that the main train would not have to stop at intermediate stations. It features high seating density which is enabled by its wide-body design. A CCTV/Laser system would be used to continuously monitor track conditions miles ahead to provide a high level of safety.

Its inventor claims that it could be operated without public subsidy and be self-supporting with fares lower than conventional bus service. It could be adapted for service within large metropolitan areas by incorporating a new feeder system concept called a Metro People Mover. It would provide service to many parts of today's low density, sprawling urban areas (such as the Los Angeles Basin). Speeds would be much faster than the automobile and fares much less than conventional bus service.

Other features cited by the inventor include the extensive use of existing technology, low environmental impact, phased development of the service network over time and low capital and operating expenses.

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For information from the inventor, e-mail Raymond Lashley , or phone him at (970) 243-1849 or write to him at 2874 C1/2 Road, Grand Junction, Colorado 81501


Last modified: November 20, 1998