Las Colinas: The Inside Story of America's Premier Urban Development

by Gary N. Bourland, Copyright 2001, by Gary N. Bourland

Below are selected excerpts explaining the book's coverage of the Las Colinas Area Personal Transit. This book has the very latest information on Las Colinas through late 2001. The Las Colinas Area Personal Transit is described in detail.

Chapters with an APT focus...

Chapter 1:  What's That? This chapter explains how the incomplete APT initially sparked the author's curiosity, which led to his writing the book. Readers are taken from questions about guideway construction, to an afternoon ride, with photos, with more information about transit operations. Here is a list of photo illustrations from Chapter 1:

1.1 Underside view of APT Guideway
1.2 APT driver and walkie-talkie
1.3 APT driver and control box
2. The Horizontal Elevator

Chapter 2: The Horizontal Elevator: Explains Las Colinas founder and developer, Ben Carpenter's, concept of the APT, with details of construction, evolution and current status.

Illustrations from Chapter 2: [items with no commentary in editorial brackets are photo illustrations]

2.1 APT guideway showing high-rises/DCURD office [map/configuration]
2.2 APT guideway showing high-rise addresses [map/configuration]
2.3 APT guideway into Millennium Center high-rise
2.4 APT guideway into 600 Las Colinas Blvd. high-rise
2.5 DCURD schedule of expenditures for 1998 [APT expenditures only]
2.6 APT free standing support columns
2.7 APT guideway and track hardware
2.8 Two APT C-45 vehicles pass one another
2.9 APT central control room
2.10 Two APT C-45s at maintenance facility
2.11 APT Quick Facts [chronological construction/use timeline; fact sheet]

Chapter 3:  Multilevel Transportation This chapter explains other modes of transportation in Las Colinas, as conceptualized by Las Colinas founder, Ben Carpenter. The APT's place in the overall plan is explained.

Illustrations from Chapter 3:

3.1 Carpenter's Multilevel Transportation
3.2 Empty Las Colinas boat dock
3.3 Beginning of Mandalay Canal
3.4 Water Transportation Services card
3.5 Water Transportation Services card enlarged
3.6 Water Transportation Services revenue/expenditures
3.7 Pedestrian tunnels map
3.8 Pedestrian tunnel-outside exit
3.9 Pedestrian tunnel-inside
10. Ben H. Carpenter Interview
11. Mayor Joe Putnam Interview

Chapter 10 is an exclusive interview with Las Colinas founder and developer, Ben H. Carpenter. In it, the author questions Carpenter about his purpose, history with, and current thoughts about the APT.

Chapter 11 is an interview with Irving [the city in which the Las Colinas development resides] Mayor Joe Putnam. The mayor shares his thoughts about the APT, which present a somewhat different perspective than Carpenter's.

Appendix D Area Personal Transit Loop Shows the complete loop configuration of the APT as planned - although it has never been completed.

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