Links to Other Transportation Websites With Relevant Content

portalbutton.jpg (14177 bytes)  Promotion of Results in Transportation Research and Learning (European) (see the links page)

Transport Research Knowledge Centre - an extensive resource of transportation programmes and research results funded by the European Union and at European national level new3.gif (1292 bytes)

Top 100 Transportation websites

Office of Transportation Technology - U.S. Department of Energy

Center for Transportation Technology and Systems - U.S. Department of Energy

Routes International - an extensive and well-organized resource of transportation information from around the world

Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS) - from the Transportation Research Board (U.S.)

Institute for Transportation and Development Policy - concerned with transportation problems in developing countries

Union Internationale des Transports Publics - a European association of public transport agencies and vendors

Intelligent Transportation Systems Cooperative Deployment Network
Metro Magazine - most rail/bus transit content, good news section

Railway-Technology magazine

Transportation - a quarterly academic journal

Transportation Quarterly - a publication of the Eno Transportation Foundation

Transportation Planning and Technology - an academic journal , six issues per year

TrafficLinq - extensive set of links to advanced transport topics

Advanced Transit Association - website

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Last modified: August 04, 2016