Program for Advanced Transit Systems

Chalmers University of Technology, School of Technology Management, Gothenburg, Sweden

The Advanced Transit Systems research program began in 1994 at Chalmers University. It is financed by the Swedish Communications Research Board and is being conducted at Chalmers University of Technology in cooperation with Gothenburg University. The research is being performed in five different departments coordinated by Ingmar Andréasson at the School of Technology and Economics. The initial tasks of the program focus on the prerequisites and applicability of Personal Rapid Transit systems for Swedish cities, their acceptance and socio-economic costs and benefits. Track design has been identified as being critical for acceptance of PRT systems and has been given special priority.

Research Tasks (as of August, 1995)

1. City Structure and Consequences - Physical and aesthetic possibilities of introducing PRT into different urban settings.

2. User Meeting with Technology - Identify needs and desires of user groups, problems and conditions for acceptance.

3. Traffic and Implementation Strategies - Scheduling strategies for empty vehicles, movements within stations, successive network implementation strategies.

4. Trip Modelling - General models for mode split and assignment including demand-responsive systems and park/ride modes.

5. Socio-economic Analyses - Calculation models for socio-economic costs and benefits with regard to time savings, congestion, emissions and accidents

6. Track Design - Develop possible track designs with regard to strength, span, material, weight, foundation and aesthetics.

Ingmar Andréasson can be contacted by phone at: +46-31 87 77 24 or by fax at: +46-31 27 94 42

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Last modified: May 15, 1996