Honda Intelligent Community Vehicle System Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ was prepared by the Honda Motor Company and appears in their ICVS brochure

Q 1 . What is the convenience of ICVS ?

Al. ICVS will offer a means of transportation for everybody in the city. A vehicle returned to an ICVS port is soon available to another user. This transportation system will enable truly convenient transportation for everyday needs and be accessible from any ICVS port.

Q2. Will privately-owned cars become unnecessary with ICVS?

A2. ICVS is convenient for the transportation of one or two people within the same community while ordinary privately-owned cars are suitable for long range or group transportation with luggage. With ICVS, we can use different kinds of vehicles for different needs and purposes.

Q3. What are the advantages to be gained by using ICVS compared to privately-owned cars?

A3. Since ICVS vehicles are to be shared among people in the same community, the costs to be paid by each user for parking lot rental and car maintenance will be less than those for privately-owned cars. In addition, ICVS users do not have to spend their time on car maintenance.

Q4. Could the advent of ICVS vehicles intensify traffic congestion in the city?

A4. ICVS aims for the efficient use of vehicles. If we replace the cars currently being used in the city for private and business needs with ICVS vehicles, we can decrease the number of vehicles needed in the community. We can thus decrease the number of improperly parked cars and ease traffic congestion.

Q5. Will we have to build large-sized ICVS ports to accommodate many ICVS vehicles?

A5. Being very compact, a number of ICVS vehicles can be parked closely in a small space. For example, four Step Decks can be parked in a space required to park an ordinary car. ln other words, we can effectively use the limited spaces available in our communities as ICVS ports.

Q6. What will happen when many people want to use ICUS vehicles at the same time?

A6. We will build an appropriate number of ICVS ports(parking lots used exclusively for ICVS) in appropriate locations, and will distribute an adequate number of vehicles to each port, carefully considering when and where users are concentrated. ICVS aims at a truly efficient operation with the number of vehicles used and waiting time held to a minimum .

Q7. What is the difference between ICVS and the existing car-rental system?

A7. With the existing car-rental system, fees are usually set by the hour and you have to tell how long you plan to use the car in advance. With ICVS, on the other hand, you will be charged each time you use a vehicle according to the distance covered or hours used.


Last modified: September 12, 1998