84th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, January 2005

Circulation and Driverless Transit (AP040)

Formerly Committee on Major Activity Circulation Systems (A1E11)

The Committee on Circulation and Driverless Transit (formerly named the Committee on Major Activity Center Circulation Systems) invites abstracts and papers on the following topics, to be considered for presentation (and possible publication) at the 2005 Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board:

Personal rapid transit (benefits and costs, system development, simulation, others)

Automated people movers (benefits, costs, system development, simulation, others)

Demand forecasting for: PRT, competing transit modes, airport circulation systems)

Economic development and its relationship to the development of driverless transit

Airport and "airfront" circulation needs

Driverless transit in public lands (such as National Parks)

Consideration of driverless transit in alternatives analysis

Transportation needs for an aging society; role of driverless transit

The Committee is also interested in entertaining papers on parking in activity centers (policies, access to-from peripheral facilities), moving walkways (technological developments, applications), pedestrian provisions and circulation in activity centers, and other topics related to these and those listed above.

Two approaches are possible:

1. Prepare an abstract (less than one page) describing the proposed paper or its concept. Submit the abstract or concept to Wayne Cottrell, Chairman, by June 15th, 2004. Contact information is provided below (e-mail is preferred). Feedback on the abstract will be provided, along with a recommendation concerning a full paper.

2. Submit a full paper via the TRB, web-based paper submittal process by August 1st, 2004. Designate Committee AP040 as that from which a review is requested. This is the general deadline for submitting papers to the Transportation Research Board for consideration for the Annual Meeting. The second approach bypasses the early review of the abstract or concept. An early review is not required, but is suggested.

For all papers, authors should follow the formatting and paper length guidelines provided in the Transportation Research Board’s Information for Authors, which can be accessed at

Contact: Dr. Wayne D. Cottrell

Chair, Committee on Circulation and Driverless Transit
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
122 South Central Campus Drive, Room 104
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0561

Phone: (801) 587-9015; Fax: (801) 585-5477

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