Personal Rapid Transit (PRT): Another Option for Urban Transit?

The full report  was published as Volume 2, No. 3, of the Journal of Advanced Transportation, 1988, pp 192-314. Copies are available from J.A. Kieffer, Chairman of the Advanced Transit Association (ATRA), 9019 Hamilton Drive, Fairfax, VA 22031-3075, for $15 USD, delivered. The price to ATRA members is $5 USD, delivered. Checks (only) should be payable to ATRA and be sent to J.A Kieffer.  Information about ATRA membership is available at the ATRA website.

Table of Contents




Economic Feasibility of PRT

Conclusions As To The Economic Feasibility Of PRT


Appendix A: Sources of Information about Cabintaxi

Appendix B: Sources of Information about TAXI 2000

Appendix C: Loon Mountain Costs for TAXI 2000

Appendix D: Performance and Cost Parameters for TAXI 2000

Appendix E: Performance and Economics for TAXI 2000 Networks

Appendix F: Correspondence about TAXI 2000

Technical Committee Objectives

The Committee met as full committee a number of times, including a meeting to hear presentations from PRT system developers, with the following objectives:

These objectives were achieved by the committee, working part-time as volunteers, only in varying degrees. Much remains to be done, but the committee feels that this report represents an important first step.

The Committee focused on current PRT development activity. As worthwhile as it might have been to evaluate the many interesting PRT ideas that had been conceived through the years, such an effort was beyond the scope of the committee's work.

Evaluation Criteria

The Committee felt that decision makers examining PRT would apply evaluation criteria within the following categories, and therefore considered these in producing this report about PRT:

Categories that include features critical to whether PRT is "market ready"

Variable categories, subject to customer desires, site-specific needs, economic capability and varying legal requirements categories that affect PRT "market potential"

System Presentations

The Committee announced publicly its desire to receive information from all developers of PRT. Only two companies responded, TAXI 2000 Corporation, Revere, Massachusetts and Cabintaxi Corporation, Detroit, Michigan. Both requested and received an opportunity to appear before the committee. Rumors that other PRT activity is underway could not be confirmed, much to the regret of the committee.

The representatives of these companies were asked for the following:


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