Jasmine Bryant, PhD
Lecturer, Department of Chemistry


Curriculum Vitae

Professional Preparation

PhD, University of Washington, Inorganic Chemistry, 2002
Master In Teaching, Seattle University, 1997
BS, California Institute of Technology, Chemistry, 1995


Fall 2010 - Present Lecturer, UW Department of Chemistry (Courses: Chem 142, 162, 312, 317)
2009-2011 Director of Communications, CENTC
Instructor, University of Washington Department of Chemistry
2008-2009 IT Project Manager, NSF Chemical Bonding Center for Enabling New Technologies Through Catalysis
2004-2008 Director, Program Operations, NSF Chemical Bonding Center for the Activation and Transformation of Strong Bonds
2003-2004 Director, Education and Outreach, NSF Science and Technology Center on Materials and Devices for Information Technology Research
2000-2001 PRIME Fellow, NSF GK-12 Grant/UW PRIME Program
1997-1998 Science Teacher, Kamiakin Junior High
1995-1996 Science Explainer/Mercer Slough Teacher, Pacific Science Center
1994-1995 Undergraduate Research Fellow, California Institute of Technology (Prof. J. K. Barton)
1993-1995 Teaching Assistant, California Institute of Technology
Summer 1993 Undergraduate Research Fellow, California Institute of Technology (Prof. A. G. Myers)

Publications/Presentations (undergraduates are marked *)



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