Welcome to HCDE 516

HCDE 516 introduces students to research methods used in technical communication. Students examine the relationship between theory and research, hypothesis testing, experimental designs, modes of observation, sampling, validity, and data analysis and interpretation.

In HCDE 516, students learn to:

  • Construct a research problem and specific research question based on relevant literature
  • Identify relevant variables
  • Create hypotheses
  • Design a research study
  • Construct and administer experimental instruments
  • Select and apply appropriate data analysis methods
  • Write a research report

Students from a variety of disciplines are welcome and help broaden the learning experience for all. Many students use HCDE 516 as a basis for beginning a research study that will lead to the conduct of a full study that they may publish or that they refine into a thesis topic. (Prerequisite: introductory statistics course or permission of instructor.)