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The following offers links to class assignments and a variety of other resources.


Data Sets and Instructions

Class Survey Instrument and Data

Engineering Writing Courses and SATs, etc. Data

Web Resources

I have briefly investigated the resources below—they provide information on research methods, statistics, and SPSS specifically. I cannot vouch for their "greatness" or accuracy, but they seem like they might be very helpful in obtaining a bit more information if Creswell, Salkind, and class are insufficient.

Methodology Resources

Research Methods Knowledge base (More information; similar to Creswell). Table of contents.

Methods in Behavioral Research—online textbook.

Statistics Resources

UW Dept. of Sociology page with good links to statistics information, including current SPSS UW site license info.

Excellent online course--10 one-hour video clips. "Epidemiology: General Biostatistics. "This series provides an introduction to the concepts and application of biostatistical methods in the field of epidemiology."

Web site that lists numerous helpful sites about statistics.

Online stat book—easy to use index.

Another good looking online stat book—easy to use index.

Online statistics book.

SPSS—explanations of results—"Results Coach"

The latest version (starting with SPSS 10) provides some simple help in interpreting SPSS output through a feature called the "Results Coach." If you want elementary-level help in interpreting your SPSS output, here's how to get to the "Results Coach": Instructions are also pasted in below.


"Run your analysis as usual.

'Output' is created every time you run an analysis in SPSS. To interpret a particular table in your output--

Point your mouse at the middle of the table you want an explanation of, and right click. Then select 'Results Coach' from the menu that appears.

The Results Coach then pops up and gives you (very simple) descriptions of the most important parts of the table.

To progress through the results coach, keep clicking the "next" button in the top-right corner of the Results Coach window."

UW Statistics Resources

Statistical Consulting at the UW (this is in desperate need of updating but contains good info if you are willing to chase down dead links through the UW webpages)

UW Dept. of Sociology page with good links to statistics information, including current SPSS UW site license info.


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