5/3: Creating A Culture of Success

Sanity, Inc.
By the Way, Your Staff Hates You
Fighting the war for talent is hazardous to your organization's health
People Problems on Every Aisle


I quit
Its About People
Walmart's Empire
Beyond Minimum Wage
Job Satisfaction Declines

Costco vs. Walmart
AT&T Wireless Self-Destructs
The Value of People
Cutting Benefits
Some Moms Quit As Offices Scrap Family-Friendliness
The Opt-Out Revolution

5/8: Motivation

A Star Is Made
Grimme's Top 10 Tips to Attract, Retain and Motivate Employees

Six Dangerous Myths About Pay

Nordstrom (available from Harvard Publishing Online)

Preparation Questions (these are not exhaustive)

Demotivating Your Employees
Creating A Motivated Workforce


5/15: Creativity

Case: IDEO (available from Harvard Publishing Online)

Preparation Questions (these are not exhaustive)

5/17: Decision Making
Hidden Traps in Decision Making
Fair Process

Behavioral Decision Theory & The Stock Market
Common Sense: Crowds Smarter than Individuals


5/22: Building Effective Teams
Case: Army Crew Team available at Harvard Publishing Online

Preparation Questions (these are not exhaustive)

5/24: Building Teams/Conflict
Conflict Management Cases

5/31: Organization Change
Why Transformation Efforts Fail
Building Your Company's Vision
Permanent White Water

Leaders vs. Managers
What Makes A Leader?
Level 5 Leadership
Demotivating With Values
The Human Moment at Work


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