Intensive Elementary Hindi

Summer 2008

Homework Assignments


NB: All homework is to be done and turned in at the beginning of each class on the day it appears on the schedule.


Week 1.

Before Monday’s class, read the Preface and Unit 1 & 2 from Teach Yourself Beginner’s Hindi Script (TYBHS).  We will cover the entire script book this week.  Also: make several copies of lined paper for homework.


Memorize the consonant chart on pg. 16, proceeding from left to right, top to bottom, and copy it three times on lined paper. (For help on writing Hindi consonants, go to:  To listen to the Hindi consonants, see

Do Exercise 1-3 in TYBHS (using lined paper).

Also, transcribe the following words (most are meaningless) into Devānagarī:

kac       khac       ṭhag      ṭagh      gaṭ        gaḍ       jaṛ

jhaz      ḍaj        ḍhaṛh    chag     zaṭ       

tap        dhat      phar      labh      bal        bath      phan

mab      var        yas       śay       lar         bhav     saral

ṣam      hasad   taṛap     nasaphal           fatah     bhavan

Finally, read through Unit 4 in TYBHS.



Memorize all Hindi vowels and study for Quiz on Hindi script (all consonants & some vowels).

Do the writing exercises on vowels handed out in class.

Read pg 51-56 in TYBHS (if you find this tricky, don’t panic, we will go over it carefully in class).



Review pg. 51-56 in TYBHS, and do Exercise 12-13.

Also, transcribe the following words into Devanāgarī:

namaste                 jaldī                        band                       gandā                    sastā

Hindī                      viśvās                     Dillī                        acchā                     citṭ̣̣̣̣̣̣̣ḥī

Read pg. 56-71 in TYBHS.

Make a recording of the pronunciation exercises announced in class.  Read very slowly, and pay attention to vowel length, retroflex letters, and unaspirated vs. aspirated sounds.



Review Hindi script and study for Test 1.

Do the written exercises on conjunct letters handed out in class.

Read pg 19-22 in Teach Yourself Hindi, then copy on lined paper the chart for the verb ‘to be’ (top of pg. 21), and then Dialogue 1a (pg 19-20).