Hindi 311-312-313

Summer Quarter 2008

Homework Assignments for Week 7, Wed.


Week 7.

        For Wednesday, August 6 (Homework #26)

1. Passive Review: To review the passive, rewrite the following sentences in the passive (omitting any agent) and then translate the new sentence:

Ex. यहाँ लोग खाना बनाते हैं --> यहाँ खाना बनाया जाता है Food is made here.

. यहाँ लोग लकड़ी (wood) का सामान बनाते हैं

. यहाँ लोग दिन भर काम करते हैं

. लोग हिंदी भारत में बोलते हैं

. यह चिट्ठी मैं हवाई डाक (airmail) से भेजूँगा

. इस वीश्वविद्यालय (university) में कुछ लोग संस्कृत भी पढ़ते थे

2. Review of लगना, oblique infinitive + देना & लगना, and general review:

1. The child is hungry [hint: use present perfect]. Shall some food be given?

2. How do you like [use लगना] our country [देश (masc)]?

3. Children often feel scared at night.

4. When the boys began to feel hot, I let them go out.

5. Don't let anyone come in [अंदर आना] until [hint: relative/corelative] I tell you.

6. We were told that the guests had begun to arrive.

3. Write a second draft of your project, using the corrections to help you.

4. Read TYH 18.2-3 (pg 242-4) and review participles (18.1).