Hindi 311-312-313

Summer Quarter 2008

Homework Assignments for Week 7, Thurs.-Fri.


Week 7.

        For Thursday, August 7 (Homework #27)

1. Review of Relative/Corelative; Oblique Infinitive with लगना (to begin)/देना (to let): Please translate the following sentences into Hindi:

1. She wants to meet the man who wrote this book.

2. Asha works in an office in which many things are made (passive of बनाना).

3. I gave him as much money as he asked for (to ask for = माँगना).

4. Don't let anyone drink that water!

5. By the time [जब तक] you came, [until then] we had started eating.

6. She began talking [x से बात करना] to the man who wrote this book.

7. Do you think [i.e. does it appear to you (use लगना)] that your father will let you go?

8. In Delhi, they have started building [बनाना] malls where people used to live.

2. Review of participles: Review your notes on imperfect and perfect participles, and then translate the following phrases and sentences:

[imperfect participles:] sleeping dogs laughing girls

the eating boy the studying students to the weeping women

to fall asleep while talking to read while drinking coffee

at the time to go to the store

[perfect participles:] the bought clothes [कपड़ा] the seated boy

the cooked [ie made] food the eaten sweets [मिठाई]

1. The boy drinking water [use participle] is my brother.

2. The singing girl arrived at the village.

3. We saw the playing children at the park [पार्क].

4. Uncle's book is placed [use रखना] on the table.

5. I gave you the completed [use करना] work yesterday.

3. Read TYH 17.1 (not 15.1-2 as listed in the schedule) (pg 217-9).


        For Friday, August 8

Prepare for your project presentation.