Hindi 311-312-313

Summer Quarter 2008

Homework Assignments for Week 6, Wed.-Fri.


Week 6.

        For Wednesday, July 30 (Homework #22)

1. Verb Review: To review verbs, write out all the मैं and वह (singular) forms for the verbs करना and जाना, using all masculine forms for one verb, and all feminine for the other, in the following tenses: present habitual; past habitual; present continuous; past continuous; future; subjunctive (our simple-form subjunctive as alternative to future); simple perfect; present perfect; past perfect.

2. सकना/पाना Review: Translate the following sentences into Hindi:

1. I can come tomorrow at 1:30.

2. She can speak Hindi.

3. We can go to the movies at quarter to eight, but we can't go to the party.

4. They will not be able to eat Indian food.

5. Please excuse me [polite imperative of माफ़ करना], I was not able to study.

2a. चुकना Review: Translate the following sentences into English:

1. I already read that book.

2. Please don't make more [और] food, we already ate.

3. They have already bought vegetables.

4. You have already said this [i.e. this thing]!

5. That work is already completed [use होना + चुकना].

3. Read TYH, pg. 161-165 (13.1-13.2) and pg. 168-170 (13.4).