Hindi 311-312-313

Summer Quarter 2008

Homework Assignments for Week 5, Tues.


Week 5.

        For Tuesday, July 22 (Homework #17)

Study for Quiz on Future Tense (Unit 9.1).

Memorize the next batch of verbs [not on quiz]:

बनाना to make

मिलना to meet (takes से)

निकलना to come out/emerge

पहुँचना to arrive

माँगना to ask for; to beg

हिलना to move (intransitive)

डरना to be scared

नहाना to bathe

ख़रीदना to buy

बेचना to sell

To review "to have" (Unit 8.2), as well as future and presumptive, translate the following sentences into Hindi:

1. My sister has many expensive clothes.

2. I have only two good friends.

3. They don't have any brothers.

4. Please come tomorrow. Today we have a lot of work.

5. Right now I don't have any vegetables [सब्ज़ी]. I'll buy some tomorrow.

6. We will arrive in India on August 8. Will you meet us (takes से) there?

7. The child is asking for milk. Will his mother make some food?

8. That small boy won't come out of [ie from] his room. He must be scared [ie he must be being scared].

9. Where are the Americans [ie American people]? They must be buying stuff.

10. Will you meet Khanna sahib? You must know him already [पहले से].

Read the following questions in Hindi, and then answer in complete Hindi sentences:

. आप कहाँ रहते हैं?

. क्या आप को हिंदी आती है?

. तुम्हारे कितने भाई और बहिन हैं?

. बचपन में तुम कहाँ रहते थे?

. कल शाम को आप क्या करेंगे?

. UW से पहले तुम कहाँ पढ़ते थे?

. तुम्हारा घर कहाँ है?

Read through TYH Unit 10, with focus on Unit 10.1 (subjunctive).