Hindi 311-312-313

Summer Quarter 2008

Homework Assignments for Week 5, Mon.


Week 5.


1. Review future tense (Unit 9.1) and then write out the future tense forms for:

देखना (use masculine forms) and सोना (use feminine forms)

Forms: I; We; You (formal, familiar, intimate); He/She (Singular); He/She/They (Plural)

2. To review continuous and general review, translate the following sentences into Hindi:

1. He is putting your food on the table.

2. Tell her that I was not talking to her [x से बात करना], I was talking to you.

3. Hes coming to Delhi with his relatives tomorrow.

4. How many sisters do you have? I have two brothers.

5. All three doctors are working in some hospital.

6. He used to sleep until [तक] very late but now he wakes up quickly.

7. Why are you asking me this question, Sangeeta?

8. Yesterday we were playing cricket with our friends.

3. To practice future tense, translate the following sentences into Hindi:

1. The other people will come tomorrow.

2. Some day [remember: adverb of place] I will tell [to] you the story [कहानी].

3. I know that he will not write letters to me.

4. My sister will eat some food later [बाद में].

4. Write a page-long journal entry using constructions and vocabulary learned so far.

5. Read through Unit 9.