Hindi 311-312-313

Summer Quarter 2008

Homework Assignments for Week 3, Tues.-Wed.


Week 4.




    1.  Review Unit 6.

    2.  Then, do Ex. 6a.2 (pg 83)—use the glossary at the end of the chapter to help you.

    3.  Translate the following paragraph into Hindi (written from perspective of Rishi, the elder brother in Pratap’s host family in Delhi):

My name is Rishi.  Raj is my little brother; he’s pretty [i.e. quite] crazy.  Right now he’s not in his room, he’s in my room.  And I’m [add emphasis here] in his room!  He doesn’t know that I’m in his room.  Here in his room there are several old newspapers, but they’re not his [use possessive].  Raj doesn’t read books or newspapers.  He sits in his [own] room, he watches [i.e. sees] TV, and he listens to the radio.  He doesn’t talk to me [x से बात करना].  I say to him, “go outside,” but he doesn’t listen to me [i.e. “my thing”].  Sometimes I really [सचमुच] don’t like him!  Still [फिर भी], he is my brother.

    4.  Write 10 sentences in Hindi on anything you like.

    5.  Read Unit 7a (pg 86-91).