Hindi 311-312-313

Summer Quarter 2008

Homework Assignments for Week 3, Tues.-Wed.


Week 3.

Memorize the past tense of the verb 'to be' (pg. 51).

Complete Exercises 4a.1 and 4a.2 (pg. 56-7), as well as the following:

Translate into Hindi:

1. Where were you yesterday?

2. That class was very big, but hardworking.

3. Who was that lovely child?

4. She was the most beautiful girl in the family.

5. There were seven things on this floor.

6. My old car was cheaper than the bicycle.

Translate into English:

1॰ उस मेज़ पर बहुत किताबें थीं

२॰ सीता मेरी सबसे अच्छी सहेली (friend) थी

३॰ कल रात मैं टकोमा में था

४॰ मैं कल दफ़्तर में नहीं था

५॰ इस शहर में सबसे सुन्दर बग़ीचा (garden) कहाँ था?

६॰ क्या चाँदी सोने से कम महँगा था?

Read TYH 4b-5b (pg. 54-64) and pg. 66, and memorize the vocabulary in the box on pg. 54.


        For Wednesday, July 9 (Homework #10)

Memorize the list of verbs on pg. 62.

Write out the imperative forms (the five forms listed on pg. 63) for the following verbs:

करना, कहना, जाना, देखना, देना

Translate the following sentences into Hindi:

1. Yesterday I had a fever.

2. Those hardworking boys liked work.

3. She didn't know anything [i.e. she knew nothing].

4. Previously he was a friend but now I don't like him.

5. Please sit on the chair.

6. (Familiar) Do the work.

7. Please take two books.

8. (Intimate) Sit outside!

9. Kindly write a letter to those relatives.

10. Call (familiar) to those friends.

11. Kindly study at home.

Study for a quiz on imperatives and the memorized verbs (pg. 62).

Read TYH 5b (pg. 64-69).