Hindi 311-312-313

Summer Quarter 2008

Homework Assignment for Monday, July 7 (#8)


Week 3.


1.  Review of Unit 3: After reviewing Unit 3, memorize the oblique pronouns (pg. 46, top) and then complete Exercise 3b.1 (pg  47).

In addition, translate the following sentences into Hindi:

1.  In that house there is a very large kitchen.

2.  In this family are a husband and wife, lots of children and a dog (कुत्ता) too.

3.  How is your [familiar] health now?  Is it completely okay?

4.  That furniture is from those houses.

5.  There is a new rug on this floor.

6.  This letter [चिट्ठी] is from whom [oblique of “who” singular]?

7.  I am upset from this matter [बात].


      2.  Pronunciation Project 2: Make a recording of Dialogue 3a (pg 39).  You can listen to this dialogue being read on the CDs that accompany the book (CD1, Track 12) to compare.  You may email us the recording before class or give it to us in class.


      3.   Reread Dialogue 4a and browse through Unit 4.  Memorize the vocabulary in the box on pg. 50.