Mindwalk Interactive Activity

  1. Think about ("mind walk" through) all the activities you were involved in during the past 24 hours. List as many of these activities as you can remember.

  2. For each activity on your list, write down what evidence, if any, your activities might have left behind. To help you think of traces that might be left behind, review:

  3. Review your entire list, and what you wrote about evidence your activities left behind. Then consider these questions:

    • Which of your daily activities were most likely to leave trace evidence behind?
    • What, if any, of that evidence might be preserved for the future? Why?
    • What might be left out of an historical record of your activities? Why?
    • What would a future historian be able to tell about your life and your society based on evidence of your daily activities that might be preserved for the future?

  4. Class Discussion

  5. Now think about a more public event currently happening (a court case, election, public controversy, law being debated), and consider these questions:

    • What kinds of evidence might this event leave behind?
    • Who records information about this event?
    • For what purpose are different records of this event made?

  6. Class Discussion

Historical Evidence in Your Daily Life

Other Types of Historical Evidence

Traces you left behind in your daily activities might include:

This activity was taken from:
The Historian's Sources: Mindwalk. Library of Congress. December 1998 http://lcweb2.loc.gov/ammem/ndlpedu/lessons/psources/mindwalk.html#quests

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