Newspaper Reporter At Typewriter

Checklist for Evaluating Webpages - the 5 Ws

  1. Who?
    1. Who wrote the page?
    2. Are credentials provided?
    3. Is there an About Us section, a mission statement, etc.?
  2. When?
    1. Is the page current? Dated?
    2. When was the page last updated? (Remember that individual pages may be updated at different times)
    3. Do the links work?
  3. Where?
    1. Where is the page published? Type of domain?
    2. Does the publisher take responsibility for the content?
    3. Will the page be there tomorrow?
  4. What?
    1. What is the content?
    2. Are quotes accurate?
    3. Are the facts documented? If so, who's the source?
  5. Why?
    1. What is the bias? Selling? Promoting? Ranting?
    2. Are links to other viewpoints provided? Balanced?
    3. Sponsorship?
    4. What is not said?
  6. Would you be better off visiting the library? Would a book or a journal article have better information?

Created by: Jessica Albano
Last Updated: September 2001