BCHEM 142 General chemistry I

(Charles F. Jackels)

This course is the first of a three-quarter sequence in Chemistry intended for students majoring in the sciences or engineering.  Covers atomic nature of matter, stoichiometry, periodic table, acids and bases, and gas laws. Includes laboratory. Group work in class includes active learning exercises.

Recommended Preparation: high school chemistry and placement into B CUSP 123 or higher or a grade of 2.0 in BCHEM 139..


Specific Course Goals

1.        To develop an understanding of the atomic and molecular nature of matter and of the chemical reactions that describe their transformations.

2.        To develop individual and collaborative quantitative skills necessary to solve chemical problems using the concepts of balanced chemical reactions, stoichiometry, and chemical equilibrium.

3.        To gain an understanding of the properties of matter in the gas phase.

4.        To gain an understanding of acids and bases and their reactivity in aqueous solutions.

5.        To gain an understanding of the periodic table as an organizing concept of chemical properties.

6.        To develop basic laboratory skills and understand common laboratory practices, procedures, and equipment., including safety issues.