Southern Sample (SDSS Stripe 82)

This catalog contains recalibrated light curves for all spectroscopically confirmed QSOs in the SDSS DR7 stripe 82 (22h 24m < R.A. < 04h 08m and | Dec | < 1.27 deg, about 290 deg2). The total number of QSOs is 9,258, and the observations are spaced out over ~10 years in yearly "seasons" about 2-3 months long.

The Catalog Format

Along with the light curves, two additional files are included. The "Master" file is simply a list of the QSOs (1 QSO per row) with exactly the same format as the SDSS Quasar Catalog IV (Schneider, D. P., et al. 2008, VizieR Online Data Catalog, 7252, 0). This file only includes the 8,974 quasars from the DR5 quasar catalog. The file DB_QSO_S82.dat contains selected data (including black hole masses and bolometric luminosities from the Shen et al. (2008) catalog for the 8,974 DR5 QSOs) for all the 9,258 S82 QSOs along with a list of the corresponding light curve filenames. Please click on the following for the file formats:

Master file format     DB_QSO_S82.dat format     Light Curve file format     s82drw_*.dat format

Data files

S82 QSOs, Master file master_QSO_S82.dat (8974 rows x 74 columns) gzip
Light curve files QSO_S82.tar.gz          (9258 files, 25MB zipped)
S82 QSOs, data file DB_QSO_S82.dat       (9258 rows x 15 columns) gzip
DRW parameters s82drw_*.dat      (5 files, one for each band, 9258 rows each) gzip

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