Here we list the 81,189 quasars from the SDSS Quasar Catalog V (Schneider et al. 2010) which have DPOSS observations. The time lags reach up to 20 years in the observer's frame. We include the SDSS gri photometry as well as the DPOSS GRI photometry and epochs. To calculate synthetic POSS GRI magnitudes from the SDSS photometry (in order to compare the magnitudes), use the formulae available here .
Note: To compile this sample, we used the DPOSS data recalibrated by Sesar et al. (2006) in the 8,000 deg2 of sky from the SDSS Data Release 5. Please go here for the longer-term (50-year), but smaller SDSS-POSS catalog using POSS-I and DPOSS data recalibrated to DR2.

The Catalog Format

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SDSS-DPOSS File Format

Data files

sdss-poss_release.dat       (81,189 rows x 30 columns)

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