Raymond B. Huey
Curriculum Vitae

Department of Biology Box 351800
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195-1800 USA


telephone: 206-543-1505 (office)
fax: 206-543-3041


1961-64 Deep Springs College
1964-66 University of California, Berkeley A.B. Honors in Zoology
1967-69 University of Texas, Austin M.A. in Zoology (advisors: W. F. Blair, E. R. Pianka)
1971-75 Harvard University Ph.D. in Biology (advisor: E. E. Williams)


1975-77 Miller Research Fellow, University of California, Berkeley
1977-80 Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Washington
1980-84 Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Washington
1984- Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Washington
1989-98 Associate Chair, University of Washington (alternate years, except 1991- 93)
1991-92 Acting Chair, University of Washington
2008-2011 Chair, Department of Biology, University of Washington


1961-64 Full Scholarship, Deep Springs Jr. College
1968-69 NSF Research Traineeship, University of Texas
1972-75 Richmond Fellow, Harvard University
1975-77 Miller Research Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley
1987 Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1991 Distinguished Herpetologist, Herpetologists' League
1993 President, American Society of Naturalists
1994 Plenary Lecturer, 2nd World Congress of Herpetology
1994 Hathaway Lecture, Tulane University
1995 Diebold Symposium Lecturer, Kalamazoo College
1998 Hansen Lecturer, University of California Berkeley
1998-99 Guggenheim Fellow
2000 Saul Lecturer, Middlebury College
2001 Eminent Biologist (Pittsburgh Ecoforum)
2002 Eminent Ecologist (Kellogg Biological Station)
2002 Plenary Lecture, American Physiological Society, San Diego
2002 Plenary Lecture, Biological Society of Chile, Pucón, Chile
2003 Darwin Lecture, University of Calgary
2004 O'Leary Distinguished Scientist, Gonzaga University
2004 Eminent Evolutionary Biologist, Georgia Southern University
2004 Roger Carpenter Lecture in Comparative Biology, San Diego State University
2004 President's Award (best paper in The American Naturalist, 2003), American Society of Naturalists
2006 Distinguished Lecture in Evolution, Ecology, & Organismal Biology, University of North Carolina; Plenary Lecture, Evo-WIBO; Athenaeum Lecture, Claremont Colleges.
2007 American Academy of Arts and Sciences
2008 Centennial Seminar Series, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (University of California, Berkeley); Keynote Lecture, Phi Sigma Biological Honors Society, University of Puget Sound.
2010Inaugural Lecture, The International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Organismal Biology, "Great Challenges in Ecology and Evolution," University of Konstanz; Plenary Lecturer, Spain-Portugal Congress of Herpetology
2012Sutton Lecturer, University of Oklahoma
2012Cramer Lecturer, Dartmouth University
2012Student Best Paper Award from Division of Ecology and Evolution, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, named "Raymond B. Huey Award"; Board of Reviewing Editors, Science


1986-98 Evolutionary Ecology, Editorial Board
1988-90 Evolution, Editorial Board
1989-96 Physiological Zoology, Editorial Board
1992-96, 98-04 George Bartholomew Award Committee, SICB
1993 President, American Society of Naturalists
1993, 97 Panel member, Population Biology, NSF
1995-98 Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Editorial Board
1995-98, 03- American Naturalist, Editorial Board
1998 Panel member, Dissertation Improvement Grants, NSF
1998- Evolutionary Ecology Research, Editorial Board
1999- Functional Ecology, Editorial Board
1999 Nominations Committee Chair, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
1999- American Zoologist, Editorial Board
2000 Panel member, Ecological and Evolutionary Physiology, NSF
2002 Nominations Committee, Sewall Wright Award, American Society of Naturalists
2002- Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, Editorial Board
2002- Journal of Thermal Biology, Editorial Board
2003- American Naturalist, Editorial Board
2003-4 Advisory Committee, Columbia University
2004-6 Panel, Undergraduates in Biological & Mathematical Science, NSF
2007 Virtual Panel, DOE Program for Ecosystem Research; Grants Panel, American Alpine Club: NESCent Senior Advisory Board
2007- Grants panel, American Alpine Club
2007-8 NESCent Senior Advisory Board; VAL Advisory Board
2009- NEON, Domain Science & Education Coordination Committee
2009 NSF, Nominations Committee for Associate Director of Biological Sciences; Nominations Committee (ecology, evolution) for American Academy of Arts & Sciences
2009-Domain (Guanica) Science & Education Coordination Committee, NEON
2012-Grant panel, National Parks Service George M. Wright Climate Change Fellows
2012NSF Panel, Evolutionary Ecology

GRANTS (since 1990, excluding REU supplements):

1990-93 Lack's Hypothesis: An Experimental Test in Lizards, NSF (collaborative grant with B. Sinervo)
1991-92 Workshop: The role of evolution, population and community responses in analyses of global environmental change. NSF, Ecology (P. Kareiva, J. Kingsolver, R. Huey, co-PI)
1993-96 Experimental Evolution of Ectotherm Thermal Sensitivity (NSF)
1993 Physiological Consequences of Mutation, NSF
1993 A Metabolism System for Teaching Physiology, NSF and University of Washington
1993 An Experiment in Nature: Drosophila subobscura in the New World. University of Washington (Royalty Research Fund)
1993-96 Experimental Evolution of Ectotherm Thermal Sensitivity. NSF
1996-00 Experimental Tests of Developmental and Cross-Generational Effects of Temperature. NSF
1996-00 An Experiment in Evolution: Rapid Life History Evolution in Drosophila subobscura. NSF, (collaborative grant with G. Gilchrist).
1999-00 An Experiment in Evolution: Drosophila subobscura in the New World. US-Spain Cooperative Grant (collaborative grant with L. Serra, U. Barcelona).
2000-03 Collaborative Research: An Experiment in Evolution: Rapid Evolution in Drosophila subobscura. NSF (collaborative grant with G. Gilchrist).
2000-03 International Collaborative Research. NSF (collaborative grant with B. Moreteau, J. David, and P. Gibert).
2002-04 Into thin air: the paradox of flying insects at altitude. Royalty Research Fund, University of Washington.
2003 Frontiers of Integrative Biology: A Symposium Honoring George A. Bartholomew. National Science Foundation.
2004-06 Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: The Paradox of Flying Insects at High Altitude. National Science Foundation. (M. Frazier)
2004-10 Collaborative Research: Experimental Tests of the Adaptive Significance of Ectotherm Thermoregulation. National Science Foundation, (collaborative grant with P. Phillips)
2004 Partners in Science Program, M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust.
2010-14Collaborative Research: LiT: Vulnerability of Tropical Ectotherms to Climate Warming (lead PI, collaborative grant with H. Álvarez, P.E. Hertz, B. Lister), National Science Foundation


1990-91 Cold Spring Harbor Centenary Symposium (Evolution: From Molecules to Culture); Cornell University; University of Rochester; Indiana State University; University of Nebraska; Oregon State University (Graduate Student Invitee); University of Vermont (Graduate Student Invitee, Paul A. Moody Lecturer).
1991-92 Distinguished Herpetologist Lecture, Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles; Ecole Normale Superieure (Paris); Special Lecture Series, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (Madrid); Gerontological Society of America (Symposium on Genetic Plasticity of Aging); University of Utah (Graduate Student Invitee); Florida State University (Graduate Student Invitee); AAAS Symposium (Evolution of Thermal Sensitivity); American Society of Naturalists (Vice-Presidential Symposium on "Evolution in Stressful Environments").
1992-93 Ecole Normale Superieure (Paris); Universidad de Barcelona; University of Oregon; University of Michigan (Graduate Student Invitee); Presidental Address, American Society of Naturalists
1993-94 Plenary Lecture, Second World Congress of Herpetology; Hathaway Lecture, Tulane University; Washington University St. Louis (Graduate Student Invitee)
1994-95 University of California, Irvine (Graduate Student Invitee, and Keynote Speaker, student-faculty retreat); University of Texas, Arlington (Graduate Student Invitee); Symposium on "Phylogenies and Comparative Physiology," American Physiological Society; Simon Fraser University (Graduate Student Invitee); Diebold Symposium Keynote Address, Kalamazoo College; International Congress of Physiology, Scotland (Symposium on Phenotypic and Evolutionary Adaptation to Temperature)
1995-96 University of Puget Sound; no other invitations accepted because of family illness
1996-97 Miami University Ohio (Graduate Student Invitee); no other invitations accepted because of family illness
1997-98 Hopkins Marine Station; Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (Symposium on Evolutionary Physiology); Oregon State University (Graduate Student Invitee); University of British Columbia; University of California (Hansen Lecturer, Graduate Student Invitee).
1998-99 University of Colorado, Boulder (Graduate Student Invitee); University of California, Santa Cruz; University of California, Berkeley (Museum of Vertebrate Zoology); Physiology Ecology Meeting (Bishop, Featured Speaker); European Congress of Evolutionary Biology (invited speaker)
1999-00 Universidad Catolica (Santiago, Chile); Climb '99 (Birmingham, UK; World Climbing Championship), Middlebury College (Saul Lecturer), University of Vermont
2000-01 Society of Experimental Biology Symposium (Flagstaff, invited speaker); SICB Symposium (Plant:Animals), invited speaker; International Hypoxia Congress (Jasper, plenary lecture); Eminent Biologist Lecture (Pittsburgh Ecoforum); University of Oregon; University of South Carolina (Graduate Student Invitee); International Mountain Rescue Association (invited speaker).
2001-02 University of Washington (Department of Botany); Kellogg Biological Station (Distinguished Ecology Series); University of Washington (Science Forum); American Physiological Society (Plenary Lecturer
2002-03 Plenary Lecture, Biological Society of Chile, Pucón, Chile; Darwin Lecture, University of Calgary; SICB Symposium on Selection in Nature (Toronto, invited speaker); University of Texas, Austin
2003-04 Eminent Evolutionary Biologist, Georgia Southern University; O'Leary Distinguished Scientist, Gonzaga University; Roger Carpenter Lecture in Comparative Biology, San Diego State University; Gordon Conference (The Metabolic Basis of Ecology); Ecological Society of American Symposium (Invasive species); Symposium honoring Eric Pianka (Herpetologists League)
2004-05 University of Arizona (Graduate Student Invitee); University of Iowa; University of California, Riverside
2005-06 University of Colorado; Colorado State University; University of Michigan; University of North Carolina (Distinguished Lecture in Evolution, Ecology, & Organismal Biology); College of William & Mary; Plenary Lecture, EVOWIBO
2006-07 Anthenaeum Lecture, Claremont College; American Physiological Society Symposium on Complexity in Physiological Systems; Panel on Future of Himalayan Mountaineering (Seattle Mountaineers), European Science Foundation Symposium on Thermal Adaptation in Ectotherms (Barcelona); University of Nevada, Las Vegas; University of British Columbia.
2007-08 Princeton University; Hopkins Marine Station (Stanford University); Centennial Seminar Series, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (University of California, Berkeley); Keynote Lecture, Phi Sigma Biological Honors Society, University of Puget Sound; European PhD Course on Responses to Climate Warning, Université de Rennes, France: Balzan Conference, Princeton University; Gordon Conference (Metabolic Theory of Ecology).
2008-09 Workshop (Predicting Climate Change Impacts on Biodiversity), Daintree, Australia; Discover Series Lecture, Techonological Alliance, Seattle; Duke University; Symposium honoring Richard Thomas, University of Puerto Rico.
2009-10Texas A&M University; University of Puerto Rico; NASA Workshop on Ocean De-oxygenation; NSF Workshop on Evolution and Oceans (Catalina Island); APS Symposium on Climate Change
2010-11Inaugural Symposium, University of Konstanz; International Spain-Portugual Congress of Herpetology; University of Nebraska; University of Kansas; Western Washington University; Simon Fraser University: Institute for Dryland Environmental Research Ecology, Ben Gurion University (Graduate Student Invitee)
2012Sutton Lecture, University of Oklahoma; European Science Foundation ThermalAdapt Workshop (Barcelona) Symposium on "Rethinking Normal: Moving from Theory to Action in the Face of Invasive Species and Global Change" World Congress of Herpetology (Vancouver)
2013Invited Symposium Honoring Kenneth Nagy, SICB meetings; Macrophysiology Workshop; Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (Herp Night), University of California, Berkeley; Invited Symposium, Understanding Warming Effects on Tropical Forests—Insight Gained from Current Research and a Way Forward, ATBC-OTS, San Jose, Costa Rica; Symposium on Vulnerability of Tropical Ectotherms to Climate Warming, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Plenary Lecturer, XIV Congreso Argention de Herpetologica, Puerto Madryn, Argentina.
2014"Biology Without Borders Lecture," Cornell University; "Superspeaker," University of Montana