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Welcome! I am currently an NSF postdoctoral research fellow at the Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean (JISAO) and the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington.

My research is motivated by impacts to human health and society. Broadly, I study how human activity affects environmental and atmospheric chemistry and climate on a global scale, and how these processes feed back on each other.

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Email: hmhorow at uw dot edu

visiting the Blyde River Canyon (Mpumalanga, South Africa) during my stay as a USAID Research and Innovation Fellow


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  • 4/17/19:  I am en route to the Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) Open Science Conference in Sapporo, Japan, where I am looking forward to presenting my research on blowing snow sea salt aerosols and attending the Early Career Scientist Day. But first, I am excited to visit the IBS Center for Climate Physics in Busan, South Korea where I have been invited to speak about my work on mercury pollution and climate.
  • 3/22/19:  Congratulations to Alicia who finished her undergraduate degree at UW this quarter! I will miss working with her and am proud of all she accomplished in the last year, including writing up her research into a draft manuscript for publication!
  • 2/25/19:  Last week I attended the CESM Atmosphere Model, Whole Atmosphere, and Chemistry Climate Working Groups Meeting at NCAR. It was a great opportunity learn about the latest model developments and discuss research ideas with NCAR scientists.
  • 12/4/18:  It’s almost time for the AGU Fall meeting in DC! you can catch me presenting Alicia’s work in the poster session on Wednesday morning, our polar science outreach at the Pacific Science Center on Friday at 9:30am, and my research on Friday at 3:20pm. I’m also excited about being a panelist in the How to Get the Mentorship You Need Workshop for students on Thursday 10:20 – 12:20pm.
  • 10/30/18:  Today I attended the Wildfire Smoke Risk Communication Stakeholder Synthesis Symposium for the state of Washington. I’m excited to collaborate on research priorities developed at the symposium that will hopefully help us be more prepared for future smoky summers in Seattle and across the state.
  • 10/2/18:  Alicia’s AGU abstract on her marine cloud brightening work got accepted! Unfortunately she has to take UW finals that week, so I’ll be presenting her poster (plus a talk on my research, and education outreach!). Stay tuned!
  • 8/16/18:  Today were the 2018 JISAO summer undergraduate intern presentations! Ava, the intern I mentored, presented a video and poster about her research on atmospheric mercury chemistry which you can see and learn more about here. She learned and accomplished so much this summer, and I’m excited that she will continue mercury research for her senior thesis at Beloit.
  • 8/6/18: The Pacific Science Center is now showing the “backbone” of the planetarium show, “Earth: Pole to Pole”, developed from our cohort of science communication fellows‘ collaboration with the science center staff. Check it out every day at 4pm!
  • 5/30-31/18: I attended the NSF-ATC and NCAR Atmospheric Chemistry Workshop. I helped summarize group discussions and presented priority science questions and tasks related to “Chemistry Composition in the Climate System”.
  • 5/24/18: Alicia presented her first research poster at the UW Atmospheric Sciences Undergraduate Research and Internship Symposium! It was very successful and I’m looking forward to continuing our work together over the summer.
  • 3/31/18: Ava from Beloit University accepted a JISAO internship with me for the summer! She will looking at the interaction of anthropogenic emissions and the chemistry of the toxic pollutant mercury, and what these means for trends in concentrations and deposition to surface ecosystems.
  • 1/18/18: Today was my first class as part of the Polar Science Cohort of the Pacific Science Center Science Communication Fellowship. I found out I will get to develop and perform part of a planetarium show about my current research – stay tuned!
  • 1/11/18: I’ve begun mentoring an undergraduate, Alicia, in the Atmospheric Sciences department who is performing a modeling study of sea salt geoengineering. I’m excited to help her learn to code for the first time!

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