About Me

I am the Premera Endowed Faculty Professor of operations management at the Foster School of Business in University of Washington.

My research interests include: data and business analytics, supply chain management, coordination mechanisms in supply chains, and applications in healthcare and public health policy.

I received my PhD in operations research from MIT in August 2008, under the supervision of Professor David Simchi-Levi. In June 2003, I received a BS in industrial engineering from Sharif University in Iran.

CV is available upon request.

Published Papers

“Bayesian Meta-Prior Learning Using Empirical Bayes,” with S. Nabi, H. Nassif, J. Hong, and G. Imbens, Management Science, forthcoming.

“Reference Pricing for Healthcare Services," with S. Nassiri, and E. Adida, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, forthcoming.

"External Reference Pricing and Parallel Imports of Pharmaceuticals: A Policy Comparison," with F. Iravani, and E. Nategh, Production and Operations Management, forthcoming.

"An Analysis of Price vs. Revenue Protection: Government Subsidies in the Agriculture Industry," with S. Alizamir, and F. Iravani, Management Science, 65(1) 32-49.

“Bundle Payments vs. Fee-for-Service: Impact of Payment Scheme on Performance,” with E. Adida, and S. Nassiri, Management Science, 63(5) 1606-1624.

“Closed-Form Solutions for Robust Inventory Management,” with M. Wagner, and S. Nassiri, Management Science, 63(5) 1625-1643.

“Supply Chain Coordination in the Presence of Gray Markets and Strategic Consumers,” with F. Iravani, and R. Ahmadi, Production and Operations Management, 26(2) 252-272.

“Impact of Retailers with Knowledge of Supplier’s Inventory on Supply Chain Performance,” with K. Moinzadeh, and A. Jain, Production and Operations Management, 26(3) 542-556.

“To Pre-announce or Not: New Product Introduction in a Duopoly Market” with T. Klastorin, and YP. Zhou, Production and Operations Management, 25(12) 2051-2064.

"Coping with Gray Markets: The Impact of Market Conditions and Product Characteristics" with F. Iravani, and R. Ahmadi, Production and Operations Management, 24(5) 762-777.

“A Game Theoretic Model of International Influenza Vaccination Coordination,” with S. E. Chick, and D. Simchi-Levi, Management Science, 59(7) 1650-1670.

“Leadtime Management through Expediting in a Continuous Review Inventory System,” with K. Moinzadeh, Production and Operations Management, 23(1) 95-109.

“Operational Issues and Network Effects in Vaccine Markets,” with D. Dey, and E. Adida, European Journal of Operational Research, 231(2) 414-427.

“Supply Chain Coordination and Influenza Vaccination,” with S. E. Chick, and D. Simchi-Levi, Operations Research, 56(6), 1493-1506.

“Vaccine Market Coordination Using Subsidy” with D. Dey, and E. Adida, IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering, 2(1), 78-96.

“Optimal Launch Vehicle Size Determination for Moon-Mars Transportation Architectures,” with E. Gralla, W. Nadir, and O. de Weck, in Proceedings of AIAA Space, 2005.

Working Papers and Work in Progress

“Dynamic Risk Stratification and Precision Medicine Using Multi-Armed Bandits,” with Z. Zhou, Y. Wang, and D. Coffey. submitted for publication

“Impact of Facility Layout and Patient Flow on Physicians’ Behavior in Outpatient Clinics,” with S. Nassiri, and M. Shunko.

“Optimal Resource Management in Strategic R&D Projects” with T. Klastorin, and K. Moinzadeh, under revision.

“Customer’s Strategic Behavior in Sequential Decision Making using Thompson Sampling,” with S. Nabi, and D. Simchi-Levi.

“A Multi-Task Warped Gaussian Process Learning for Predicting the Overall Survival for Cancer Patients,” with E. Nategh, and Y. Wang.

“Supply Chain Models with Preferred Retailer Privy to Supplier’s Inventory Information,” with K. Moinzadeh, and A. Jain.

“Advanced Optimization for Interplanetary Logistics,” with C. Taylor, and D. Klabjan.


MBA Faculty of the Quarter, Winter 2020.

Excellence Award for Teaching. MSCM Program, 2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020.

Undergraduate Faculty of the Year, 2018-2019.

Dean's Achievement Award for Faculty Research, 2016-2017.

Faculty of the Quarter, Autumn 2015.

Faculty of the Quarter, Autumn 2014.

Undergraduate Faculty of the Year, 2013-2014.

PhD Program Mentoring Award, 2012-2013.

Faculty of the Quarter, Autumn 2012.

Wells Fargo / Dean's Faculty Award for Undergraduate Teaching, 2011.

Undergraduate Faculty of the Year, 2010-2011.

Winner of the INFORMS William Pierskalla Best Paper Award on research excellence for Health Care and Management Science, 2006.

Finalist in the INFORMS George E. Nicholson Student Paper Competition, 2006.

Honorable mention in the INFORMS Seth Bonder Scholarship for Applied Operations Research in Health Services, 2006.


Foster School of Business; University of Washington

Principles of Operations Management (OPMGT 301): core undergraduate course -- 2009 to present.

Business Analytics: Tools for Big Data (OPMGT 579): elective MBA course -- AU 2015.

Supply Chain Management (OPMGT 579): elective MBA course -- SP 2014, SP 2015.

Introduction to Project Management (OPMGT 450): elective undergraduate course -- 2011 to present.

Project Management (OPMGT 550): elective MBA course -- SP 2011, WI 2012.

Sloan School of Management, ESD; Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Systems Optimization (ESD 762): elective course -- spring 2008.

In the News

Proven impact: featured on Foster School webpage. September 2015. 2015 Consolidated Endowment Fund Report.

Research featured on Foster School webpage. December 2012. Global vaccine subsidies could stop the spread of flu where it starts.

Research featured on Foster School webpage. November 2010. Smart vaccine subsidies could curb the spread of influenza.

Contact Info

Premera Endowed Faculty Professor of operations management, Foster School of Business, Univesity of Washington

Mailing Address: Box 353226 Michael G. Foster School of Business University of Washington Seattle, WA 98195-3226

Office: Paccar Hall #448

Voice: 206-543-0787

Fax: 206-543-3968