AMATH 352: Applied Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis

SLN 10061, MWF 10:50-11:50, CMU 226


Bethany Herwaldt
Lewis 305
Tentative Office hours: Tues, Thurs 12 - 1 pm, Wed 3 - 5 pm

Course Description

Analysis and application of numerical methods and algorithms to problems in the applied sciences and engineering. Applied linear algebra, including eigenvalue problems. Emphasis on use of conceptual methods in engineering, mathematics, and science. Extensive use of MATLAB package for programming and solution techniques. Prerequisite: either MATH 126 or Q SCI 293.


We will use free course notes written by Ulrich Hetmaniuk in lieu of a textbook. They are posted on the course Catalyst page. Since you do not need to purchase a textbook, it is recommended that you purchase the student edition of MATLAB, which costs about $100 at the UW Bookstore. Free alternatives to purchasing MATLAB are to use it in the computer lab in the Communications Building, use MATLAB remotely through a terminal server, or use Octave. These options are detailed on the Catalyst page.


(1) Vectors, norms, inner product
(2) Linear spaces, subspaces, linearly independent vectors, bases
(3) Linear functions
(4) Matrices, range, null space
(5) Error, condition number
(6) QR factorization, Gram-Schmidt algorithm
(7) Computer arithmetic, floating point arithmetic
(8) Gaussian Elimination, LU factorization
(9) Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)
(10) Least-Squares problems, interpolation, data fitting
(11) Eigenvalue problems

Course Website

Catalyst page

Schedule and Homework

All homeworks and solutions will be posted on the Catalyst page. Each assignment will be contain a programming portion and a written portion.

First day of classes Monday, June 24
Homework#1 due Friday, July 5
Homework#2 due Friday, July 12
Homework#3 due Friday, July 19
Midterm Wednesday, July 24
Homework#4 due Friday, August 2
Homework#5 due Friday, August 9
Homework#6 due Friday, August 16
Final Friday, August 23


There will be weekly homework assignments due on Fridays. These will count for 60% of your grade. The midterm and final will each count for 20%.