EvoDots was the prototype for the Darwinian Snails lab in the EvoBeaker package from SimBiotic Software. A sampler of SimBiotic products is available on request.

I am no longer developing or supporting EvoDots. It is still available here, however, for those who want to use it.


Evolution Simulation Software for Evolutionary Analysis

EvoDots lets the user explore the mechanism of evolution. The program creates a population of dots. The user is a predator. As the dots run around the screen, the user eats them by clicking on them with the mouse. After the user has eaten some of the dots, the survivors will reproduce. The population may or may note evolve, depending on the properties of the dots.

EvoDots 1.1 has two new features:

1) Clicking a disclosure triangle at the upper right corner of the main window reveals a "History" table. This records the distribution of phenotypes in your population every time you click "New Population", "Stop", or "Reproduce". You can copy the data from this table and paste it into other applications.

2) A small indicator do to the right of the "Number remaining" diplay will turn yellow when the population size falls to 30 dots and red when the population size falls to 25 dots.

Download EvoDots 1.1:

Zipped for MacOS X (inclucing Lion): EvoDots.app.zip

BinHexed for Mac Classic: EvoDots.hqx

Uncompresed Windows Application: EvoDots.exe

Zipped for Windows: EvoDots.exe.zip

A tutorial using EvoDots: EvoDots.Tutorial.pdf

Fine print:

EvoDots 1.0 © 2001 by Jon C. Herron

EvoDots is free. You may give it to anyone you like, so long as you distribute it as a stand-alone application. You may not sell it. You may not include it in a collection with other software, regardless of whether you are selling the collection or giving it away.

I make no warranties or guarantees about the quality of EvoDots, or the accuracy of the simulations it runs. Use it in good health, but at your own risk.

If you have comments or suggestions, please send them to me at herronjc@comcast.net.