Population Genetics Software for Evolutionary Analysis

AlleleA1 simulates evolution at a single locus in an ideal population of imaginary organisms. The locus of interest has 2 alleles: A1 and A2. The user enters values for parameters controlling selection, mutation, migration, genetic drift, and inbreeding. As the simulation runs, the software plots a graph showing the frequency of allele A1 over time.

Download the AlleleA1 application:

AlleleA1 for Mac OS X

Please note: To run AlleleA1 for the first time, you may need to hold down the control key, click on the AlleleA1 icon, and select Open from the popup menu that appears.

AlleleA1 for Windows

Do not delete the folder called AlleleA1 Libs. AlleleA1 needs it to work properly.

Read or download the manual:


Population genetics tutorials using the AlleleA1 application:

Tutorial 1: Selection and Mutation

Tutorial 2: Migration and Drift

Fine Print:

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AlleleA1 is free. You may give it to anyone you like, so long as you distribute it as a stand-alone application and include the manual along with it. You may not sell it. You may not include it in a collection with other software, regardless of whether you are selling the collection or giving it away.

I make no warranties or guarantees about the quality of AlleleA1, or the accuracy of the simulations it runs. Use it in good health, but at your own risk.

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