The Arabic text below contains the first ten lines of the mu`allaqah of al-Harith ibn Hillizah. The meter of this poem is khafif: fa`ilatun, mustaf`ilun, fa`ilatun. Since many of its hemistich breaks come in the middle of words, certain typesetting problems may be encountered.

In the first and third lines of the poem the hemistich break comes between words, so no problems arise. In the second and fourth lines the break comes in the middle of the words shamma'a and al-shurbub. Since these hemistich breaks come between letters that do not connect, the words can be spatially separated at the breaks. In the fifth line the break comes in the middle of the word al-yawm between the lam and the ya'. Since these two letters are normally connected, an extended connecting line can be used to indicate the hemistich break. The sixth line is similar to the second and fourth lines. In the seventh line the break again falls in the middle of a word between two letters which are normally connected. In this case the break has been indicated not with an extended connecting line but by breaking the word in two with medial letters on either side of the intervening space. In lines 9 and 10 the break occurs between the two mims written as one letter under a shaddah. Since a single letter cannot be split in writing the mim is centered in the space between the two hemistichs. In line 9 it is connected to the last letter of the first hemistich, but in line 10 it is not.

[The Mu`allaqah of
al-Harith ibn Hillizah]

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