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Advanced Regression Methods: Project
Instructor: Patrick J. Heagerty PhD

Course Meetings: Tu / Th -- EEB 042, 1:30pm--3:15pm

Required Text: Williams and Colomb, 10th Edition

Course Overview:

  • This course develops students skills in reading, understanding and critiquing contributions to the literature of statistical methodology. The course is based around students reading a chosen paper with faculty supervision, and presenting an in-depth critique of it, both as a talk and as a written report. During the course, students are expected to gain a thorough understanding of the methods described in the paper, and should reproduce key simulation and/or data analyses presented in the paper.

Course Evaluation:

  • Students will give a final presentation and submit a final written report. Both are worth 50% of the student's final grade.
  • Final presentations are 30 minute overviews of the student's project work - including 5 minutes for questions. These presentations will be scheduled in class during the last weeks of the quarter.
  • Students will also submit a written summary of their project work. This is due final exam week (June 10th) in Patrick's F-wing mailbox; please submit one hard copy, and email an electronic copy. (Students doing the Stat prelim should submit four hard copies and the electronic copy). The paper should include:
    1. Introduction and Motivation
    2. Literature Review
    3. Summary of Methods -- with appropriate detail (typically beyond that found in the primary paper)
    4. Simulation Evaluation and/or Worked Example
    5. Conclusion / Discussion
    This should be no more than 20 pages of double-spaced text (figures, tables, references, and any technical appendices are in addition to this page limit).
  • Full details of what is expected in reports and talks are provided in this file. Here are some examples of reports, from 2010:


  • 24 March 2012: Welcome!

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