Purchasing Stata for home use

Stata is available for purchase at reduced rates (GradPlan pricing) ONLY for those affiliated with the University of Washington, Health Sciences.

The prices represent a substantial discount off the already-discounted academic price of Stata. The software offered through the Stata GradPlan is NOT student software; that is, it is in no way limited in terms of features. Software purchased through Stata's GradPlan does NOT have an expiration date, but is a perpetual license for that software. People purchasing through Stata's GradPlan may elect to upgrade their software when a new release is available.

Prices are as follows:

Small Stata software and Getting Started manual *

$ 55.00

Intercooled Stata software and Getting Started manual *

$ 99.00

User's Guide and Extract Manual (GradDoc)

$ 49.00

Stata User's Guide

$ 25.00

Stata Extract Manual

$ 35.00

4-volume Reference Manual Set


Stata Graphics Manual

$ 15.00

ProfDoc (4-volume Reference, Graphics, Guide)



* Stata 6.0 software is available under the GradPlan for Windows 98/95/NT, Windows 3.1, Power Macintosh, 680x0 Macintosh, and Linux. Linux is only available for Intercooled Stata, not Small.

If you would like to see the table of contents for the manuals, please visit Stata's web site at http://www.stata.com/stata6/bookstore.

To purchase Intercooled Stata 6.0, complete, with all the documentation, you want to buy the following:

Intercooled Stata software plus Getting Started manual

$ 99.00

ProfDoc (4-volume Reference, Graphics, Guide)





If you are a student and do not want to purchase all the documentation, we recommend that you buy the GradDoc (Guide + Extract) for $49.

The following products are also available through the GradPlan:


Maximum Likelihood Estimation with Stata book


Stat/Transfer 5.0 (includes Windows 95 software and manual)


Stat/Transfer 5.0 (includes Windows 3.1 software and manual)


Stata Graphics Editor (DOS software and manual)


To order a copy of Stata, contact StataCorp:

Phone: 800-782-8272 (Monday thru Friday 8 to 5 Central Time)

Fax: 409-696-4601

Email: stata@stata.com

Payment may be by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) or University Purchase Order. If you wish to pay by check, please mail a check payable to Stata Corporation with your order to

Stata Corporation

702 University Drive East

College Station TX 77840

Orders placed by 1:00 PM Pacific Time may be picked up the TWO BUSINESS DAYS

later after 2:00 PM Pacific Time at the following location:

University of Washington

Health Sciences Libraries & Information Center

Health Sciences Bldg

Seattle WA 98195

You will need to show a University id when you pick up your order.