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UWB ProvEco System
University of Washington ProvEco System Android App Project . (2018). Retrieved March, 2019, [PowerPoint Slides]

What is ProvEco System?

The University of Washington Bothell's ProvEco System is a provenance-enabled mobile application, supportive of research and teaching purposes that students, staff and faculty can use for independent, class and community-based projects on the campus North Creek Wetlands [1].

What is the purpose of ProvEco System?

The purpose of ProvEco System project is to provide the University of Washington Bothell an effective and efficient mobile tool and database system for the purposes of collecting, storing, and retrieving geographical and environmental data about the North Creek wetlands and other surrounding areas. Working to consolidate, organize, and manage all of these various types of data from all of these different research groups within the department, an effective and robust database system and data collection tool is necessary in order to gather important, useful, and valuable data and to aid researchers in building a comprehensive and substantial database for access and use by the UWB community and the general public [1].
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UWB ProvEco System
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UWB ProvEco System
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UWB ProvEco System
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University of Washington ProvEco System Android App Project . (2018). Retrieved March, 2019, [PowerPoint Slides]

Advantages of ProvEco System include:

  • An app to make data collection and data saving convenient,
    easy and fast
  • Preserve scientific integrity of data collected
  • Easy to edit and stores data and images for reference
  • Data upload capabilities to a server from a mobile device
  • Auto correct feature to assist with typing legible notes
  • reducing the complexity of manually tracking input data sets and
    order of task execution
  • Enables researchers from different disciplines to access provenance
    captured by other research teams [2]

[1] Qi Zhang, Jonathan Mason, Morteza Chini, Karen Potts, Nathan Duncan, Delmar B. Davis, Hazeline U. Asuncion. WIP: Provenance Support for Interdisciplinary Research on the North Creek Wetlands. 1st International Workshop on Interoperable Infrastructures for Interdisciplinary Big Data Sciences, in conjuction with e-Science Conference, September 2015.

[2] Supporting Interdisciplinary Research: ProvEco System. (n.d.). Retrieved February, 2019, from