Join the Group

The Hillhouse Group always welcomes applications from motivated and talented postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Please see the information below about applying. Current openings include:

  1. Postdoctoral Researcher focusing on novel fuel cells
  2. Postdoctoral Researcher focusing on hybrid perovskites
  3. PhD Student focusing on CZTS and tandem solar cells
  4. PhD Student focusing on hybrid perovskites and tandem solar cells
  5. MS Student focusing on CZTS and tandem solar cells
  6. MS Student focusing on hybrid perovskites and tandem solar cells
  7. UG Student focusing on semiconductor material characterization
  8. UG Student focusing on optimization of spray coating

Postdoctoral Positions

There are funded openings for strong candidates with background in Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics, Electrical Engineering, or Chemical Engineering. Candidates must have several first-authored publications in high impact journals and show a track record of success. Experience with optoelectronic device characterization, device physics and modeling, solar cell fabrication and testing, and electronic materials synthesis are a plus. Interested candidates should email Prof. Hillhouse their CV. In addition to the funded openings, there are always positions available to researchers who have their own funding.

Ph.D. Positions

There are funded openings for talented students seeking a Ph.D. in areas related to solar energy and nanomaterials. No previous research experience is necessary. However, the applicant pool is very competitive. Undergraduates with good academic records and with degrees in Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry are encouraged to apply. For non-Chemical Engineers, it is necessary to take a few extra courses, but it is manageable. Interested students should apply to the UW Graduate School and Department of Chemical Engineering Graduate Program. In addition, please notify Prof. Hillhouse by email when your application is complete. For more information please visit the Chemical Engineering Graduate Program Webpage.

Undergraduate Research Positions

There are openings for two to three undergraduate researchers every year. Self-motivated University of Washington undergraduate students in Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Chemistry, or Physics should contact Prof. Hillhouse by email and send their resume or CV. There is a two quarter minimum, but the depth and impact of the experience will increase with your time in residence in the group. Many undergraduate students stay in the group for a year or more and do research over the summer and even after graduation.