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Family Paper research books and links

Web tools for finding ancestors:

Ancestry.com—Use this to search by name, birthdate, and birthplace: scroll down this page to “Ancestry link” http://www.lib.washington.edu/types/databases/a.html

Ellis Island Records and other immigration sources: http://www.dmoz.org/Society/Genealogy/Emigration_and_Immigration/

Books from UW Library:

The following titles can be found in the University of Washington library on-line catalog. You may find other titles in the catalogue by conducting a subject search using the ethnic group names as they appear below or trying other group names that do not appear below.

It may be useful to  begin your research by consulting The Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups (Stephan Thernstrom, editor). Look for it in the Reference section at either Suzzallo or Odegaard. The call number in each case is E184 A1 H35  

General works on Immigration, Race, Ethnicity

  • Coming to America : a history of immigration and ethnicity in American life / Roger Daniels
  • Becoming American : an ethnic history / Thomas J. Archdeacon
  • The transplanted : a history of immigrants in urban America / John Bodnar
  • Strangers to these shores : race and ethnic relations in the United States / Vincent N. Parrillo

African Americans

  • Hard road to freedom : the story of African America / James Oliver Horton and Lois E. Horton
  • Black movements in America / Cedric J. Robinson
  • Speak truth to power : Black professional class in United States history / Darlene Clark Hine ; foreword by Joe W. Trotter
  • From slavery to freedom : a history of African Americans / John Hope Franklin, Alfred A. Moss, Jr
  • Long memory : the Black experience in America / Mary Frances Berry, John W. Blassingame
  • History and memory in African-American culture / edited by Genevičve Fabre, Robert O'Meally
  • Not slave, not free : the African American economic experience since the Civil War / Jay R. Mandle
  • ****Search online catalogue subject=African Americans history

Arab Americans

  • Not quite American? : the shaping of Arab and Muslim identity in the United States / Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad
  • Arabs in the New World : studies on Arab-American communities / edited by Sameer Y. Abraham and Nabeel Abraham
  • The development of Arab-American identity / edited by Ernest McCarus
  • Becoming American : the early Arab immigrant experience / Alixa Naff
  • Before the flames : a quest for the history of Arab Americans / by Gregory Orfalea
  • The Syrian-Lebanese in America; a study in religion and assimilation, by Philip M. Kayal and Joseph M. Kayal, foreword by Michael Novak

British Americans

  • Invisible immigrants : the adaptation of English and Scottish immigrants in nineteenth-century America / Charlotte Erickson
  • Britain to America : mid-nineteenth-century immigrants to the United States / William E. Van Vugt

East Indian Americans/ Pakistani Americans

  • The Asian Indian experience in the United States / by Parmatma Saran
  • From India to America : a brief history of immigration, problems of discrimination, admission and assimilation / edited by S. Chandrasekhar
  • On the trail of an uncertain dream : Indian immigrant experience in America / Sathi S. Dasgupta
  • An immigrant success story : East Indians in America / Arthur W. Helweg, Usha M. Helweg
  • Indian immigrants in USA : struggle for equality / Premdatta Varma
  • Passage from India : Asian Indian immigrants in North America / Joan M. Jensen
  • Pakistanis in Michigan : a study of third culture and acculturation / by Iftikhar Haider Malik
  • Religions of immigrants from India and Pakistan : new threads in the American tapestry / Raymond Brady Williams

Cambodian Americans

  • Cambodian refugees' pathways to success : developing a bi-cultural identity / Julie G. Canniff
  • Khmer American : identity and moral education in a diasporic community / Nancy J. Smith-Hefner
  • Buddha is hiding : refugees, citizenship, the new America / Aihwa Ong
  • Ethnic origins : the adaptation of Cambodian and Hmong refugees in four American cities / Jeremy Hein.

Canadian Americans

  • Crossing the 49th parallel : migration from Canada to the United States, 1900-1930 / Bruno Ramirez, with the assistance of Yves Otis

Czech Americans

  • The Czechs in the United States / by Joseph Chada
  • The Czechs in America, 1633-1977 : a chronology & fact book / compiled and edited by Vera Laska

Chinese Americans

  • The Chinese Americans / Benson Tong
  • Dreaming of gold, dreaming of home : transnationalism and migration between the United States and South China, 1882-1943 / Madeline Yuan-yin Hsu
  • Of orphans and warriors : inventing Chinese American culture and identity / Gloria Heyung Chun
  • The Chinese experience in America / Shih-shan Henry Tsai
  • Strangers from a different shore : a history of Asian Americans / Ronald Takaki
  • Asian America : Chinese and Japanese in the United States since 1850 / Roger Daniels
  • Asian Americans : an interpretive history / Sucheng Chan

Cuban Americans

  • The Cuban-American experience : culture, images, and perspectives / Thomas D. Boswell, James R. Curtis
  • The Cuban Americans / Miguel Gonzalez-Pando

Danish Americans

  • The Danish-Americans / by George R. Nielsen
  • Ethnic influence on urban groups : the Danish-Americans / by Noel Judson Chrisman

Recent African immigrants in America

  • The history of Ethiopian immigrants and refugees in America, 1900-2000 : patterns of migration, survival, and adjustment / Solomon Addis Getahun.
  • Muslims in the diaspora : the Somali communities of London and Toronto / Rima Berns McGown
  • African emigres in the United States : a missing link in Africa's social and economic development / Kofi K. Apraku
  • Invisible sojourners : African immigrant diaspora in the United States / John A. Arthur
  • The new African diaspora in North America : trends, community building, and adaptation / edited by Kwadwo Konadu-Agyemang, Baffour K. Takyi, and John Arthur.
  • Money has no smell : the Africanization of New York City / Paul Stoller

Filipino Americans

  • Locating Filipino Americans : ethnicity and the cultural politics of space / Rick Bonus
  • The Filipino Americans / Barbara M. Posadas
  • The New Filipino immigrants to the United States / by Benjamin V. Carino ... [et al.]
  • Asians in America : Filipinos, Koreans, and East Indians / by H. Brett Melendy
  • From exile to diaspora : versions of the Filipino experience in the United States / E. San Juan, Jr
  • Imagining the Filipino American diaspora : transnational relations, identities, and communities / Jonathan Y. Okamura
  • Filipino Americans : transformation and identity / Maria P.P. Root, editor
  • Letters in exile : an introductory reader on the history of Pilipinos in America : a project of resource development and publications, UCLA Asian American Studies Center
  • Strangers from a different shore : a history of Asian Americans / Ronald Takaki

French Americans

  • The French in the United States : an ethnographic study / Jacqueline Lindenfeld

Hungarian Americans

  • The Hungarian-Americans / by Steven Béla Várdy
  • Hungarian rhapsodies : essays on ethnicity, identity, and culture / Richard Teleky
  • The Hungarians in America, 1583-1974 : a chronology & factbook / compiled and edited by Joseph Széplaki

Irish Americans

  • The Irish Americans : the rise to money and power / Andrew M. Greeley
  • Irish America : coming into clover : the evolution of a people and a culture / Maureen Dezell
  • The Irish Catholic diaspora in America / Lawrence J. McCaffrey
  • Irish Americans : identity and assimilation / Marjorie R. Fallows

Germans Americans

  • Bonds of loyalty; German-Americans and World War I [by] Frederick C. Luebke
  • The German-Americans; an informal history

Greek Americans

  • The Greeks in the United States /Theodore Saloutos

Indians of North American

  • search catalogue subject=Indians of North America History
  • We are still here : American Indians in the twentieth century / Peter Iverson
  • Native Americans in the twentieth century / James S. Olson and Raymond Wilson
  • American Indian ethnic renewal : Red power and the resurgence of identity and culture / Joane Nagel
  • Major problems in American Indian history : documents and essays / edited by Albert L. Hurtado and Peter Iverson
  • Indians and the American West in the twentieth century / Donald L. Parman
  • Indians in the making : ethnic relations and Indian identities around Puget Sound / Alexandra Harmon

Italian Americans

  • From immigrants to ethnics : the Italian Americans / Humbert S. Nelli
  • The Italian Americans : troubled roots / by Andrew Rolle
  • The Italian Americans / Allon Schoener

Japanese Americans

  • The Issei : the world of the first generation Japanese immigrants, 1885-1924 / Yuji Ichioka
  • The Japanese American experience / David J. O'Brien and Stephen S. Fugita
  • Japanese Americans : the formation and transformations of an ethnic group / Paul R. Spickard
  • Nisei : the quiet Americans : the story of a people / by Bill Hosokawa
  • Value change across three generations of Japanese Americans : the effects of culture, social structure and identity / by Melanie Moore
  • Asian America : Chinese and Japanese in the United States since 1850 / Roger Daniels
  • Strangers from a different shore : a history of Asian Americans / Ronald Takaki
  • Asian Americans : an interpretive history / Sucheng Chan

Jewish Americans

  • Search online catalogue subject=jews united states
  • The American Jewish experience / edited with introduction and notes by Jonathan D. Sarna
  • America's Jews in transition / Chaim I. Waxman
  • Haven and home : a history of the Jews in America / Abraham J. Karp
  • A history of the Jews in America / by Howard M. Sachar
  • "The rest of us" : the rise of America's eastern European Jews / by Stephen Birmingham
  • Tradition transformed : the Jewish experience in America / Gerald Sorin
  • Our parents' lives : the Americanization of Eastern European Jews / Neil M. Cowan, Ruth Schwartz Cowan
  • Daughters of the Shtetl : life and labor in the immigrant generation / Susan A. Glenn

Korean Americans

  • The Korean Americans / Won Moo Hurh
  • The Korean diaspora : historical and sociological studies of Korean immigration and assimilation in North America / Hyung-chan Kim, editor
  • Koreans in America : dreams and realities / edited by Hyung-chan Kim and Eun Ho Lee
  • The Koreans in America, 1882-1974; a chronology & fact book, compiled and edited by Hyung-chan Kim and Wayne Patterson
  • Blue dreams : Korean Americans and the Los Angeles riots / Nancy Abelmann and John Lie
  • Strangers from a different shore : a history of Asian Americans / Ronald Takaki

Lithuanian Americans

  • For God and country : the rise of Polish and Lithuanian ethnic consciousness in America, 1860-1910 / Victor Greene

Mexican Americans

  • Major problems in Mexican American history : documents and essays / edited by Zaragosa Vargas
  • The Mexican American heritage / by Carlos M. Jiménez
  • Mexicanos : a history of Mexicans in the United States / Manuel G. Gonzales
  • North to Aztlán : a history of Mexican Americans in the United States / Richard Griswold del Castillo and Arnoldo de León
  • Becoming Mexican American : ethnicity, culture, and identity in Chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1945 / George J. Sánchez
  • Walls and mirrors : Mexican Americans, Mexican immigrants, and the politics of ethnicity / David G. Gutiérrez

 Muslim Americans

  • American Islam : the struggle for the soul of a religion / Paul M. Barrett
  • American Muslims : the new generation / Asma Gull Hasan
  • Islamic values in the United States : a comparative study / Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad, Adair T. Lummis
  • Muslim minorities in the West : visible and invisible / edited by Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad & Jane I. Smith
  • Muslims in the United States / Ilyas Ba-Yunus and Kassim Kone
  • Transnational Muslims in American society / Aminah Beverly McCloud
  • Mecca and Main Street : Muslim life in America after 9/11 / Geneive Abdo

Norwegian Americans

  • The Norwegian-Americans, by Arlow W. Andersen
  • The promise fulfilled : a portrait of Norwegian Americans today / Odd S. Lovoll
  • Ethnicity on parade : inventing the Norwegian American through celebration / April R. Schultz

Polish Americans

  • Polish Americans and their history : community, culture, and politics / edited by John J. Bukowczyk
  • Polish Americans : status competition in an ethnic community / Helena Znaniecki Lopata
  • For God and country : the rise of Polish and Lithuanian ethnic consciousness in America, 1860-1910 / Victor Greene
  •  Ethnicity. Culture. City : Polish-Americans in the USA : cultural aspects of urban life, 1870-1950 in comparative perspective / edited by Thomas Gladsky, Adam Walaszek, Malgorzta m. Wawrykiewicz

Russian Americans

  • Russian refuge : religion, migration, and settlement on the North American Pacific rim / Susan Wiley Hardwick
  • Russkoya Celo : the ethnography of a Russian-American community / Stanford Neil Gerber
  • The Russians in America : a chronology & fact book / compiled and edited by Vladimir Wertsman

Scottish Americans/ Scots-Irish

  • Tam Blake & Co. : the story of the Scots in America / by Jim Hewitson
  • A dance called America : the Scottish Highlands, the United States and Canada / James Hunter
  • Cargoes of despair and hope : Scottish emigration to North America 1603-1803 / Ian Adams and Meredyth Somerville
  • Scottish emigration to Colonial America, 1607-1785 / David Dobson
  • The Scotch-Irish : from the north of Ireland to the making of America / by Ron Chepesiuk
  • The people with no name : Ireland's Ulster Scots, America's Scots Irish, and the creation of a British Atlantic world, 1689-1764 / Patrick Griffin

Slovak Americans

  • Peasants and strangers : Italians, Rumanians, and Slovaks in an American City, 1890-1950 / Josef J. Barton
  • Slovaks in America : a Bicentennial study / compiled by the Editorial Board, Joseph C. Krajsa, chairman
  • The immigrant church and community : Pittsburgh's Slovak Catholics and Lutherans, 1880-1915 / June Granatir Alexander

Swedish Americans

  • Swedish life in American cities / edited by Dag Blanck and Harald Runblom
  • Trans-Atlantica : essays on Scandinavian migration and culture / Franklin D. Scott
  • Swedes in North America, 1638-1988 : technical, cultural, and political achievements / Sten Carlsson

Vietnamese Americans

  • The Vietnamese Americans / Hien Duc Do
  • The Vietnamese experience in America / Paul James Rutledge
  • Living on the edge : Vietnamese fishermen in Southern California / by Bernd Knoll
  • Changing identities : Vietnamese Americans, 1975-1995 / James M. Freeman
  • The Vietnamese entrepreneurs in the U.S.A. : the first decade / John Kong Leba ; with John H. Leba, Anthony T. Leba
  • 25 Vietnamese Americans in 25 years : 1975-2000 / New Horizon/Chân Tr`oi Moi
  • Strangers from a different shore : a history of Asian Americans / Ronald Takaki