Donald K. Grayson

Curriculum Vitae

Links to Selected Publications:

        Brief Histories of some Great Basin Mammals: Extinctions, Extirpations, and Abundance Histories. Quaternary Science Reviews, 2006.

        A Brief History of Great Basin Pikas.  Journal of Biogeography 32:2101-2111, 2005.    

        Pleistocene Reindeer and Global Warming.  Conservation Biology 19:557-562 (with F. Delpech), 2005.    

        Measuring Skeletal Part Representation in Archaeological Faunas,  Journal of Taphonomy 2:27-42 (with C. J. Frey), 2004.

        More on North American Overkill?  Journal of Archaeological Science 31:133-136 (with D. J. Meltzer), 2004. 

       Ungulates and the Middle-to-Upper Paleolithic Transition at Grotte XVI (Dordogne, France).  Journal of Archaeological Science 30:1633-1648 (with F. Delpech), 2003.

                A Requiem for North American Overkill.  Journal of Archaeological Science 30: 585-593 (with D. J. Meltzer), 2003.

      Clovis Hunting and Large Mammal Extinction: A Critical Review of the Evidence.  Journal of World Prehistory 16:313-359 (with D. J. Meltzer), 2002.

       Specialized Early Upper Paleolithic Hunters in Southwestern France?  Journal of Archaeological Science 29:1439-1449 (with F. Delpech), 2002.

       The Archaeological Record of Human Impacts on Animal Populations.  Journal of World Prehistory 15:1-68, 2001.

       Mammalian Responses to Middle Holocene Climatic Change in the Great Basin of the Western United States.  Journal of Biogeography 27:181-192, 2000.

C             Changing Diet Breadth in the Early Upper Paleolithic of Southwestern France.  Journal of   Archaeological Science 25:1119-1130 (with F. Delpech), 1998.   

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               The Evidence for Middle Paleolithic Scavenging from Couche VIII, Grotte Vaufrey (Dordogne, France).  Journal of Archaeological Science 21: 359-376 (with F. Delpech), 1994.

               Differential Mortality and the Donner Party Disaster.  Evolutionary Anthropology 2:151- 159, 1994.