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Water and Health


We are studying the central role of water in health. We are two-thirds water -- by volume. In terms of the percentage of molecules, that two-thirds figure computes to a lot of water molecules: more than 99% of our molecules are water molecules. Evidence suggests that those 99% don't merely sit as the background carriers of the more important molecules of life, but are central participants. All that the cell does depends on water.

That leads to the hypothesis that proper hydration is a central feature of function, and therefore of health.

Considerable evidence supports that point of view.  Informal discussion of the evidence for the role of water in health appears in an interview with Dr. Mercola. And, a recent lecture dealing with EZ water and health is found here. And, a grant proposal recently submitted to the NIH contains a more formal discussion of the evidence.

We are actively seeking funding to carry out a comprehensive study on the role of water in health. The public seems hungry for this kind of information. With our background in water chemistry and biology, we feel we're well equipped to carry out those studies.

Who knows? EZ water may become the next wonder drug.