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WATER Journal


The WATER journal was created for disseminating research on water.

Realizing that the subject of water is of interest to many disciplines, we set up the journal in a way that is highly cross disciplinary.  That is, people from one discipline are able to glean insights obtained in other disciplines. After all, water is water!  The journal was only recently created.  Contributions (and suggestions) are most welcome.

WATER meetings

A series of annual meetings on water has been organized in Vermont, with the support of Vermont Photonics, ONR and DO-COOP.  The Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water has been, and continues to be a stimulating meeting, where the latest experimental findings are reported.

UW Annual Lecture January 08

Recently, I was honored to have been chosen from among all University of Washington faculty members to deliver the Annual Lecture.  The lecture outlines the laboratory’s recent findings on water in a way that is accessible to general audiences. It’s an hour long, but the positive feedback suggests that the experience may be rewarding. Some claim to have been glued to the screen from the first moment.


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