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Gerald H. Pollack










Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (Now NYU)



Electrical Eng.

University of Pennsylvania



Biomedical Eng.


Professional Experience:

1968-73               Assistant Professor, Dept. Anesthesiology and Div. Bioengineering, University of Washington, Seattle                       

1973-77               Associate Professor, Anesthesiology & Bioengineering

1977-81               Professor, Anesthesiology & Bioengineering

1981-                  Professor of Bioengineering


Honors and Awards:

Tau Beta Pi Kulka Award, 1961; Eta Kappa Nu Kulka Award, 1961

Polytechnic Institute Merit Key; Engineering Honor Societies (Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi)

Established Investigatorship, American Heart Association, 1974-79

Who's Who in America; American Men and Women in Science; Who’s Who in the World

Board of Directors, Bioengineering Society, 1977-79; NIH Cardiovascular-Pulmonary Study Section, March, 1979, 1980

Editorial Boards: J. Mol. & Cell Cardiol., 1975-80, Am. J. Physiol. (Heart and Circ Physiol), 1975-80; Circ. Research, 1982-1989; and Cell Biology International, 2005-2014; Molecular and Cellular Biomechanics, 2007-

Honorary member, Romanian Muscle Society, 1992

Excellence Award, Society for Technical Communication, 1992 (for book, Muscles & Molecules)

Founding Fellow, American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering, 1993

Consultant, Whitaker Foundation, 1996-2006

JSEM Scientific Paper Award, 1998

Fellow, American Heart Association, 2001; Inaugural Fellow, Council on Basic Cardiovascular Sciences, AHA, 2001

Invited Scholar, Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques, Paris, 2002

Distinguished Lecturer Award, Biomedical Engineering Society, 2002

International Scientist of the Year (IBC), 2002 

Honorary Doctorate, Ural State University, Ekaterinburg Russia, 2002

Distinguished Award, Society for Technical Communication (for book, Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life) , 2003

Merit Award, International STC competition for book, above, 2003.

Chair (joint, founding), Gordon Research Conference on “Interfacial Water in Cell Biology” 2004.

Honorary Professor, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2005

Fellow, Biomedical Engineering Society, 2005

National Science Board Task Force for Transformative Research, Advisor, 2005-2006

Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Water, Inaugural Chair 2006; Chair, 07, 09, 10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15.

University of Washington Annual Faculty Lecturer 2008. Selected uniquely from all UW faculty

Founding Editor-in-Chief, WATER: A Multidisciplinary Research Journal <www.waterjournal.org>

NIH Director’s Transformative Research Award, 2009

Chair, US-Israel Binational Science Foundation Panel on Transformative Research, 2011

Martin Hellsten Surface-Chemistry Award, AkzoNobel Chalmers 2011

Prigogine Medal, 2012

TEDx talk, 2012

Academy of Science, Srpska, Academician and Foreign Member, 2012

Director, Institute for Venture Science, 2013

Distinguished Award, Society for Technical Communication (for book, The Fourth Phase of Water), 2014

Scientific Excellence Award, World Academy of Neural Science, 2014

International Summit Award of Excellence, STC 2014.

Dinsdale Prize, Society for Scientific Exploration, 2014

International BrandLaureate Foundation Personality Award 2015

1st Emoto Peace Prize, 2016


Plenary/Keynote Lectures since 2001: 

Int’l MEMS Workshop, Singapore July ’01; Electroactive Polymers and Biomimetics, Lucca, It., Aug. 01; Int’l Symp. on Biological Motility, Puschino, Aug. ’01; Tasaki Symp. Electrophysiol., Bethesda, Jan ’02;  Sz-Gyorgyi Symposium on Living State, Sumeg, Hungary, May, ’02; Int’l Controlled Release Society, Seoul, July ’02; Int’l Conf. Mechanics in Med. And Biol. Limnos, Sept. ’02; Biomedical Engineering Society, Houston, Oct. ‘02 Nat’l Biochem Congress, Mexico, Nov ’02; World Congress, Biomimetics and Artificial Muscles, Albequerque, NM, Dec ’02; Consciousness, Quantum Physics and the Brain, Tucson March ’03; Canad. Cong. Appl. Mechanics, Calgary, June. 03; World Congress of Med Phys. & Bioeng., Sydney, Aug. 03; Int’l Cong. Cell Eng. Australia, Aug 03; Interfacial Water, Velen, Sept, 03; Bio-nanostructures, Orlando, Oct 03 Asia Pacific Eng. Med. Biol, Tokyo, Oct. 03; IC Mech Med. Biol, Tainan, Nov ’03; Free Radical Society, Seattle, Nov 03; IASTED Biomed. 04, Innsbruck; IEEE EMBS Symp Emerging Technologies in BME, May, 04, Istanbul; Design & Nature, Rhodes,June 04; World Cong. Biomimetics and Nano-Bio, Williamsburg, VA, July. 04; Computational Physics 2004, Genoa, Sept. 04; Electrochemical Society, Honolulu, Oct 2004; Single Cell Mechanics, MIT, Oct 2004; ICEM Mechanics, Singapore, Nov, 04. 1st Int’l Nanofluidics Wkshp, Entschede, Apr.05. GRC Elastomers Networks and Gels, NH. July 05.  GRC Chronobiology, RI, Aug. 05; IASTED Biomechanics, Benidorm Sept. 05; West African Cong. Biochem and Mol. Biol, Lagos, Nov. 05; Physiol/Pharm of Temperature Regulation, Phoenix, March 06; Mechanotransduction in Liv. Cells, Yerevan, Aug 06; World Congr. Biomed E and Med Physics, Seoul, Aug 06; Int’l Sol-gel Science, Guanajuato Sept 06; GEMSEC Mol Biomimetics, Friday Harbor WA, Sept 06  Fed. Afr Soc. Biochm Mol Biol, Abuja, Nov 06, Int’l Congr Biomed / Pharmaceut Eng Singapore Dec 06; Int’l Conf. Robotics and Biomimetics, Kunming, Dec 06; JST Surface Forces, Sendai, March 07; ESF Biosurfaces and Interfaces, St Feliu, July 07; Cold Hardiness, Saskatoon, Aug 07; ISOPOW Food Science, Bangkok, Sept 07; BioHydrogels, Viareggio, Nov 07;Fostering Innovation (NIH), Bethesda, Dec 07; Trends in Surface Chem. Antigua, Jan 08; Paul Levy Ann. Lecture, Johannesburg, May 08; Int’l Symp. on Nanotech, Jeddah, June 08. Int’l Conf Bionic Eng’ng, Changchun, Oct 08. Ann Conf on Phys, Chem, and Biol of Water, Mt. Snow, Vt, Oct 08, Ninham Symp. Canberra, Dec 08; CIBEC, Cairo, Dec 08; Int’l Mtg. Mat. Sci, Nanotech, Health Tech, Cairo, Jan 09. GUNA Symp. on high dilution, Rome May, 09; Ischia Workshop on water, Italy, May 09. Ultraweak Fields on Biol, & Med., St Petersburg, Russia June 09; Int’l Symp Bioelectrography, St. Petersburg, July 09; Symmetry, Budapest, Aug. 09; CHESS, Saskatoon, Aug 09; Wetsus Water Conf, Leeuwarden, Oct 09; Biohydrogels, Viareggio, Nov 09; Wise Traditions Nutrition, Chicago, Nov 09; Data Visualization, Hilo Nov. 09 WINPTech, Kobe, Dec 09; Adv Particle Handling, Kyoto, Dec 09; Annual Art/Sci Lecture, Akron Univ, Mar 10; Sitges Energy Conversion, Barcelona, June ’10; Laser Appl. Life Sci, Oulu, Jun ’10; Design in Nature, Pisa, Jun ’10; Int’l Conf Applied Kinesiology, Vladivostok, Aug ’10; Schauberger Symp, Vienna, Aug ’10; Nanomaterials, Banja Luka, Aug ’10;Yucomat Materials, Herceg Novi, Sept ’10; Water and Biol Function, Buenos Aires, Nov ’10; Nerenberg Lecture, U West. Ont. London, March ‘11; NEBEC Northeast BioE Conf Albany, April 11; Hellsten Lecture, Gothenburg, April 11; Ann. Biomed Eng. Lecture, Eindhoven, May 11; Int’l Food Science, New Orleans, June 11; Science, Information, Spirit, St. Petersburg July 11; Electrodynamic Activity of Living Cells, Prague July 11; Natural Philos. Alliance, College Park, MD, July 11; Maximum Entropy, Waterloo, Canada, July 11; Kraft Food Workshop, Madison WI, July 11; IWONE, Hoor, Sweden, Aug 11; Water and Nanomedicine, Banja Luka, Sept 11; Yukawa Symp: Synthesis of Knowledge, Kyoto, Oct 11; Bioohydrogels, Florence, Nov 11; Water and Society, WIT, Las Vegas, Dec 11; Fourth Phase of Water, LA, March 12; Int’l Fascia Research Congr. Vancouver, March 12; Sustainable City, Ancona, May 12; Porous Media, Purdue, May 12; Biophys Aspects Complexity in Health, Disease; Lugano, May 12; From Solid State to Biophys, Dubrovnik, June 12; Phloem, Pullman WA, July 12; Proton Dynamics in Cancer, Kyoto, Oct 12; AIMCAL Myrtle Beach, Oct 12. Electric Universe Albuquerque Jan 13; Water and Health, Pasadena Feb 13; Colours of Water, London March 13; Electroactive Polymers, Zurich (Dubendorf) June 13; Contemporary Materials, Banja Luka, July 13; Nat’l Phil. Alliance Rockville, July 2013; Symmetry Festival, Aug 2013; Structure of water: Physical and Chemical Aspects, St. Petersburg, Sept 2013; Energy Medicine, Lindau, Oct 13; Combined Orthopedic Research Societies (CORS), Venice, Oct 13; Neural Therapy Society, Buenos Aires, Nov. 13; IMCOL, Valencia, Dec 13. MDS Biological Motion Vancouver Feb 14; Cong. Neural Therapy Manta, Ecuador, March 14; Electric Universe, Albuquerque, March 14; Leonhard Ventures, May 14; Soc. Sci. Explrtn, June 14; Human Photosynthesis, Aguascalientes, Mex, June ‘14; Science and Ideology, Quito, July 14; Int’l Cell Eng’ng, Aachen, Sept 14; Biophys Aspects Complexity, Lugano, Oct 14; Bouchet Symp, Vancouver Feb 15; Emerging Sci of Life, Kuala Lumpur, March 15; 7th World Water Forum, Daegu April 15; Int’l Light Association, Tallinn, May 15; Electric Universe, Phoenix, June 15; Int’l Bodytalk Assoc. Vancouver Aug 15; Chemistry and Life, Brno, Sept 15; Math. & Physiol. of Muscle, Pisa, Oct 15; Waternet, Amsterdam Oct 15; SWIG Incheon, Nov 15; Ann Colloq. ChE, Rio de Janeiro, Nov 15; 


Books (since 1990)

Pollack, G.H.:  Muscles and Molecules:  Uncovering the Principles of Biological Motion.  Ebner & Sons, Seattle, 1990.

Sugi, H. and Pollack, G.H.:  Mechanism of Sliding Muscle Contraction.  Plenum Press, New York, 1993.

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Pollack, G.H., Cameron, I., and Wheatley, D., Water and the Cell.  Springer, 2006.

Pollack, G.H. and Chin, W.-C.  Phase Transitions in Cell Biology, Springer, 2008.

Pollack, G.H.: The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid and Vapor.  Ebner & Sons, 2013 <www.ebnerandsons.com>.

Pollack, G. H: What Makes the Earth Turn?  Surprising New Ideas About Our Physical World (title tentative – expected 2017)


Recent Papers (Selected from >300)

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