Gordon W. Holtgrieve

Gordon Holtgrieve


My philosophy towards teaching is based on connecting with students to create an open atmosphere that is interactive and engaging. I motivate students through my own personal enthusiasm for the subjects I teach, inclusion of “real-world” examples, and my willingness to invest the time necessary for students to master the material.  I believe learning is best accomplished through thorough understanding of a few key topics. My courses emphasize writing skills and critical thinking through in-depth class discussions and peer-reviewed research papers. The most important factor for success in my courses is to be an active and serious participant. 

Courses Taught

Aquatic Conservation & Management (University of Washington, Autumn 2011)

Description: Conservation and management of aquatic resources, in particular how humans interact with aquatic ecosystems. The course focused largely on fishing—both the positive and negative aspects of fishing and how these systems are managed. It is fishing that (a) provides food to much of humanity, (b) has easily measured impacts on biodiversity, and (c) is actively managed by most countries. The course also covered other topics including global change, pollution, introduction of exotic species, and endangered species conservation.

Introduction to the Science of Biology (Las Positas College, Spring 2002)

Description: Basic principles of biology dealing with the nature of living things, scientific investigations, and their bioethical impact on our modern world.  Designed for students who do not plan to major in biology or the biomedical sciences.