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Transformational Technologies for
Biology, Medicine, and Health
HA&S 222B & MEBI 498A, Spring, '12

High-level syllabus :

This course is designed around four modules. In each module, we study a specific aspect of the field of biomedical & health informatics by looking closely at a specific system or technology. Each module is about 2 weeks, but there will be some variation.

  1. Electronic Health Record systems and Personal Health Records (PHRs)
  2. Medical Imaging informatics
  3. Bio-informatics and Synthetic Biology
  4. Public health informatics

Each module includes (a) some hands-on experience with a specific software application, (b) discussion of the pragmatic uses and implications of the software, (c) discussion of the theory and concepts underlying that application, and (d) a hands-on assignment where students (or teams of students) must use, modify or adapt the software to a particular setting or purpose. In addition, across the modules, we will learn common themes and open research problems that hold in the field of biomedical informatics.

See the assignment calendar for more specifics.

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