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Transformational Technologies for
Biology, Medicine, and Health
Honors 222B & MEBI 498A, Spring, '12

Course objectives:

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • For each of the four modules (see syllabus):
    • Characterize the users discussed in the module, as well as the needs and problems that these users face.
    • Describe how the system(s) we studied are designed to meet those needs and solve (some of) those problems.
    • Describe why the development of the system is/was multidisciplinary (e.g. beyond the scope of a single field such as computer science).
    • Demonstrate what the system does with some examples
    • Describe how the system pragmatically impacts users.
    • Describe some of the open research areas that are addressed (or not!) by the system
  • Describe some of the common research themes and issues that apply across more than one of the covered modules.

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