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Transformational Technologies for
Biology, Medicine, and Health
Honors 222C & MEBI 498A, Spring, 2013


This is a 5-credit undergraduate interdisciplinary research seminar.

I will evaluate your learning performance primarily via four projects and two catalyst exams. Together, the exams are worth 33% of your final grade. All four projects together will be worth 56% of your final grade.

The remaining 11% of your grade is based on course participation. This has two components: first, your on-line postings to the message board in response to each reading assignment, and second, your in-class participation in the discussion. Your individual postings will not be graded per se, but I will let you know at mid-term time approximately how I would grade your level of course participation up to that point.

I will strive to explain my grading, and I will certainly make myself available via appointment or office hours for discussion, but caveat emptor, all grading is subjective.

Academic Honesty:

To prevent possible misunderstandings, students must read the University of Washington's statement on Student Academic Responsibility. All students are expected to follow high standards of academic honesty in all aspects of this course.


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