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Knowledge Representation and Biomedical Applications
MEBI 550, Fall 2012

High-level syllabus :

This course is designed around four mini-projects, each of increasing complexity. The course as a whole will investigate the following questions, in order:

  1. What is biomedical data, and how might we model it (store it on a computer)? (Project #1)
  2. How can we model data with RDF? With frame-based systems? With OWL With Rules? With probabilites?
  3. How do we query these data? (Project #2)
  4. What are formal logics, inference systems or theorem proving systems?
  5. How can we use OWL to store data and classification to answer queries? (Project #3)
  6. What are the capabilities of different knowledge representation and inference systems? (Project #4)

See the course objectives for a different overview of the course, or the assignment calendar for more specifics.

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