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Knowledge Representation and Biomedical Applications
MEBI 550, Fall 2013


There are only two evaluative components to this course: Your reactions to the readings (this part includes in-class participation), and a set of 4 assignments. The first project is modest, but the last project is significant, and includes a final oral presentation. Thus, your final grade will be composed as follows:

Proj #1 -- 10%
Proj #2 -- 25%
Proj #3 -- 25%
Proj #4 -- 30%

Class participation and reaction postings -- 10%

Note that all projects will include a grading rubric that explains and breaks down the learning goals and my expectations for each project.

I will strive to explain my grading, and I will certainly make myself available via appointment or office hours for discussion, but caveat emptor, all grading is subjective.

Academic Honesty:

The department of BIME strives to adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity and professionalism for students, faculty and staff. To understand expectations and help avoid unintentional misconduct, please read and make sure you understand the the University of Washington's statement on Student Academic Responsibility. All students are expected to follow high standards of academic honesty in all aspects of this course.

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